What We’re Reading: April 20-24

Worst habits for your mental health, History of the Open House, and Spring weather oddities

Sign - Open HouseThe small choices you make every day can affect your mood more than you may realize. Your social media habits, exercise routine, and even the way you walk may be sucking the happiness out of your day, and you may not even know it.

How did weekend open houses become a standard in American real estate? Was there ever a time when they didn’t exist? Whose idea was it anyway?

The first day of spring brought a snowstorm to much of the Northeast — and it’s got people asking the question, WHITHER THE WEATHER?

The two greatest stores of wealth today are contemporary art and apartments in Manhattan, Vancouver, and London.

Download your Google search history or delete it?  I’m on Team Delete, since I value my online privacy.

Don’t have time to pay a visit to the optometrist to get a routine eye exam — it can now come to you!

Do you believe that a book could make a difference in your life?

And finally, the Chicago Cubs have a history of being a terrible team, but they have great fans!


What We’re Reading: April 13-17

Best and Worst Jobs, Tech Neck, and some natural phenomena photos

iphoneThe best and worst jobs list was released this week. Basically, the list of best jobs is great news for people who are good at math.

Looking for a first or even a second home?  This view could be yours for a cool $6 Million!

You’re still not going to mistake Siri for a real person, but the iPhone’s digital assistant speaks more clearly after Apple’s new iOS 8.3 update.

It appears that our love of all things electronic is damaging our health. How can you prevent ‘tech neck’ without shutting down and switching off completely?

Apple thinks the key to a better life is a high-end watch that connects to your phone and tracks your health. Could a much simple piece of technology actually make the difference you’re looking for?

Is a standing desk a better option than sitting at a 90-degree angle?  What if you could work from your reclining chair?  This workspace might be the one for you!

Just the other day I was posting a picture of some blooming hyacinths and remarking how lovely they smelled… maybe adding scents to a photo won’t be too far away.

And lastly, 23 of the craziest natural phenomena around the world.

What We’re Reading: April 6-10

Apple Watch, Mad Men, interior design, and coloring books

applewatchThe Apple Watch is now available to order, and even try on, in the Apple Stores as well as some pop-up shops in Tokyo, London, Berlin and Paris. If you’re still on the fence about it, check out the Apple Watch Review.

Want to see the homes of Mad Men, where they lived, how much they paid – and how you can channel the look? SmartZip has broken out the price and style of Don and Betty Draper’s Westchester colonial from early seasons, Peggy Olson’s recent Upper West Side townhome purchase, Joan Harris’ chic Greenwich Village rental and Don and Megan Draper’s Park Avenue pad in this fun infographic.

Is interior design your passion? Take a look at this Toronto home for sale, decorated in perfect style circa 1965. The family lovingly maintained the home’s classic beauty for 72 years.

A Boeing 747 like you’ve never seen it. Greenpoint Technologies recently customized a Boeing 747 (the world’s second largest commercial airliner) for a “private, undisclosed client.” It looks like the kind of place most people will never step foot in, let alone fly around in.

Many of us may use dropbox to back up and sync files, but the software can be used for more purposes than you might realize.

For all the adults who ask for a kids menu so they can color, there’s good news: Coloring books for adults have been found to be good for your health, allowing for us to use our imaginations, be creative and de-stress.

New eBooks – April 2015

NAR members and Association staff can borrow up to six electronic books, digital audios and/or videos at no cost, through the Virtual Library eBooks Collection.

Members can also borrow up to three books for 30 days from the Library Catalog for a nominal fee of $10. Call Information Central at 800.874.6500 for assistance.

millionaireBe a Real Estate Millionaire
by Dean Graziosi

For once a book claiming that making wealth can be easier than it sounds! Dean Graziosi is a firm believer that anyone can make sound investments in real estate as long as he or she has a strong understanding of the market cycle. Typically when the market is on the rise, people buy properties, fix them up and sell them for a huge profit. When the market is going down, investors buy properties cheaply and hold on to them until the market rises again and they can sell for profit. The hardest part of the whole process is simply getting started.

strategiesBusiness Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies
by Richard F. Muhlebach and Alan A. Alexander

Whether you’re starting your own firm or want to grow an established business, this third edition of Business Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies will show you how to attract and retain clients, market your business more aggressively, expand the services you offer, and boost your company’s profits in today’s changing business climate.

peoplePeople Tools for Business
by Alan C. Fox

Mastering the art of working well with others is the key to success. Based on the countless lessons gleaned from a distinguished and highly profitable business career, Alan shares the tools you need to create that success in your own career and life—success that is both meaningful and long lasting.

nextNext Generation Real Estate
by Brendon DeSimone

Everything you thought you knew about real estate has changed, which is why Brendon DeSimone has written his first book. He wanted consumers to be informed on how to navigate this next generation of real estate. But, the changes aren’t just about real estate. Technologically, behaviorally, and culturally the world is more dynamic than ever. The result is a new portrait of the American Dream, one that is much more eclectic and complex and in need of new ground rules. No matter who you are, what generation you are from or how much experience you have, this book will help you buy smarter or sell faster.

cityThe City in 2050: Creating Blueprints for Change
by Maureeen McAvey, Uwe Brandes and Matthew Johnston

The City in 2050 explores potential paths of innovation to prepare for the changes facing metropolitan areas over the next several decades as the world becomes more urbanized. The book is heavily illustrated with photographs, charts, maps, and drawings that give the reader a quick overview of the issues cities will face.

successHow to Become a Real Estate Agent: Strategies for Success
by Maxwell Clayton

Become One of the Few Successful Real Estate Agents. Want a successful real estate agent career? While some agents make hundreds of thousands each year, the majority barely scrape by. Discover how to become one of the successful few by working smarter, not harder! How To Become A Real Estate Agent reveals the tips and strategies you must follow if you want a successful real estate career.

boomNonstop Sales Boom
by Colleen Francis

Do your company’s sales results lurch between highs and lows—with the end of each quarter reduced to a mad scramble to meet quota? For many sales organizations, the pattern is commonplace and unshakeable. Nonstop Sales Boom explains how to break this unhealthy cycle and achieve strong, steady results—every quarter, from every member of the team. Packed with enlightening examples of sales disasters and standouts, this practical guide brings balance to the selling process, reliability to revenues, and booming sales all year long.