What We’re Reading: July 27-31

Land prices and uses of space, drawbacks of living in the future, international buyers, diverse hiring, negotiation, and more!

Impressive use of animated maps, but very depressing content on the increase in land prices over the last forty years. Speaking of land, this isn’t humanity’s quest to terraform an exoplanet. It’s New York’s plan to build a park above a train yard. Toying with the idea of tiny house living? Read these five accounts where the only room in the experience was for improvement. And this is a cool idea!  If only I had the space and lots of money…


Adam Thomas/flickr/2012

Living in the future has its drawbacks. A major flaw in Android software allows hackers to break into your phone with just a text message. Your e-mail font is ruining your life. Maybe it’s time for e-mail clients to change the default settings.Think again before publicly urinating in San Francisco — its walls might bounce it back at you! Public Service Announcement: Stop texting while walking! Actually, stop texting while transporting yourself anywhere. Thank you for your attention.

Around the nation, the Texas housing market is experiencing a large influx of Chinese buyers. The California drought is having an impact on community planning. Diversity in the NFL? The Arizona Cardinals have taken the first step.

Need to improve your negotiation skills? Here are the best negotiation books of 2015.

Let your geek flag fly, and you’ll find your niche. This man‘s love for numbers and knack for real estate translated into his widely acclaimed success.

Did you think Millennials would move out of their parents’ houses once the job market improved? Wrong.


What We’re Reading: July 20-24

Icons, Earth, listings, card catalogs, gaudiness, sharks, video games, kale, HR changes, Minions, and shape-shifting homes!

A radio icon is stepping down after four decades. It can only be assumed that Garrison Keillor’s retirement will be spent “where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.”keillorTechnoHippyBiker/2009/flickr

A view of the earth from a million miles away.  Breathtaking!

Since Zillow acquired Trulia, traffic has slowed down. What does this mean for Zillow?

What to do with old card catalog cabinets now that many library catalogs are online? Re-purpose, of course!

“It’s what Marie Antoinette would have done, if she had money.” Joan Rivers’ penthouse is on the market.

So, it seems like this is actually relevant advice these days.

Think kale is good for you? Maybe, maybe not.

How good are you at video games? Good enough to get a free education out of it?

No more annual employee reviews? Maybe other companies will take notice and follow Accenture’s lead.

Just when you think you’ve entered a Minion-free zone, they pop up again! Now Minions are being used to teach lessons on holding professional conferences.

From expanding apartments that maximize tiny footprints to robotic homes that double in size, read on for six unique dwellings that can change shape, size and function at a moment’s notice.

What We’re Reading: July 13-17

Addiction, unusual homes, longevity, #PrimeDay, tidying, Flash fails, home evolution, and Millennial trends!

Addicted to your smartphone? You’re not alone. Companies are coming up with ways to relieve your addiction.

Could you live on the side of a cliff? Or do you think you could live in one of these unusual homes?

The average business does not have the longest lifespan, but these companies have been around for hundreds of years or more!liberty bellTony Fischer/2008/flickr

Amazon raised expectations with #PrimeDay — and then disappointed everyone. Hilarity ensued. Still, Amazon wasn’t always the Goliath it is now — here’s an interesting piece on the company’s humble beginnings.

You’ve probably heard someone mention The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by now. Here is an easily digestible summary of the practice.

Flash is a pain, but it’s gotten worse. This is what it’s come to.

Homes today have more bathrooms and bedrooms than their predecessors 20 years ago — see what else has changed in newly constructed homes!

Millennials are moving to new places made just for them, by them.

What We’re Reading: July 6-10

World Champions***, historical soccer, wartime librarianship, exotic homes, property values, ball pits, Star Wars weather, incredible landscaping, and SHARK WEEK!

From now on, “playing like a girl” should be regarded as a high compliment. The United States Women’s National Team set records on Sunday night, winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup for the third time!!! Considering the TV ratings for the game, you probably already knew that. Of course, playing like a girl has its drawbacks.

I doubt we’d have such a strong youth soccer program if modern soccer was anything like this version.

To quote Franklin Roosevelt, “No man and no force can take from the world the books that embody man’s eternal fight against tyranny. In this war, we know, books are weapons.” Read about the role librarians played during the world wars.ww1 library

When can I move in? I’ll also accept living on one of these.

Representing data in maps is always fun. This property values map is not for the faint of heart, and this mapping app will (potentially) show you how loud an area is!

Who else likes ball pits? The National Building Museum has a unique exhibit you must see if you’re in DC!

This isn’t as satisfying as the app that let you see who visited your MySpace page, but at least you can keep tabs on who has lost interest in what you’re doing on Facebook.

Need the out the 5-day weather forecast on Tatooine or some lightsaber training?  The new Star Wars app can help you with that.

New Zealand is known for its beauty, but this landscaper upped the ante.

What do Julia Child, the CIA, and Shark Week have in common? Apparently more than we ever thought!