What We’re Reading: August 24-28

Hurricane Katrina, waffles, unique homes, sexism, Math!, Mickey D’s, housing supply, humor, Googling, ‘roos, brain function, jokes, brick and mortar, and social media.

It’s been ten years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. A photographer revisited the sites of his photos from 2005 and overlaid them with the sites today. Not everyone who evacuated NOLA returned — see where they wound up.

Monday was National Waffle Day — did you celebrate? Waffles not your thing? Rest assured there is a day of national celebration for your food or drink of choice. 7924182960_f70806b10e_m m01229/flickr/2012

Wolfgang Puck’s Beverley Hills home is for sale, allowing the public a peek at the interior. It’s a lovely home, but TBH we expected more from the kitchen… We’d rather live in homes for those who are above it all. At the very least, we want to live in neighborhoods safer than these.

Ew. Nope. Make this go away.

Spoilers! There is an algorithm for solving Agatha Christie novels.

What are the Golden Arches without real estate?

What happens to homes when there aren’t enough people to live in them? Conversely, how do you tackle housing shortages in densely populated regions around the world? Why, shipping containers, of course.

One kangaroo isn’t too scary, but they call a group of kangaroos a “mob,” and we understand the use of this intimidating term after seeing this video.

The longer we live with the internet, the more we notice changes in ourselves. How is searching online affecting our brains?

Everyone enjoys a joke, right? Here are the best from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Have virtual real estate offices jumped the shark?  Some brokers think so.

Were you one of the billion people doing this on Monday? If so, these college courses might appeal to you!

What We’re Reading: August 17-21

Parenting, Apple news, commutes, drought, Pequod, libraries, fat water, serial killer RE, Harry Potter, Goonies, RE ethics, bunkers, and record heat.

Are parenting styles and housing choices related?  Next Cities sets out an interesting argument connecting helicopter parenting and housing prices.  Do you agree or disagree?

Also in parenting this week: is your favorite childhood book included on this list of 50 books every parent should read to their kids?

O Happy Day! Apple is restoring our favorite music feature!

How close to work do you live? The commutes of 38 million Americans who leave the county in which they live was mapped, illustrating some serious economic pull to a handful of locations. commute Clive Darra/flickr/2008

Not everyone is pulling their weight in combating the current California drought. Any guesses as to who is less compliant?

“Man the mast-heads! Call all hands!” This Tiny Home has room for a whole crew!

The Most Majestically Beautiful Libraries Around the World in photos — there is something special about a big beautiful room full of books.

Ross might have been willing to, but we’re not going to drink the fat.

Could you live in a serial killer’s home? Ok, just the house used as a movie set for a fictional serial killer.

Fanfic at its best: when it’s about Harry Potter! With no more books to look forward to, fans feast on cooked up theories. Dumbledore Karen Roe/flickr/2012

Goonies never say die, however they will have to cease the pilgrimages to the Goonie House in Astoria, WA.

Increases in international real estate deals have exposed the need for global standardization in real estate ethics.

Repurposed spaces are always intriguing — see how these former bunkers are now used.

July was hot. How hot? The hottest. So hot that even a person afraid of heights would swim in this pool.

New and Updated in the Library – August

The following Field Guides have recently been updated in the Library:

Pinterest for REALTORS®

What is Pinterest? It is a visual social media site, where you can pin ideas, inspirations, information, videos and things you like on a Board and then share them with your followers. Pinterest is simple to use. Go to Pinterest.com and click on the “Join Pinterest” button and create an account. You can re-pin pictures already on Pinterest or find your own pictures elsewhere. Adding a Pin It button to your browser toolbar is quick and easy, so you can add pictures at a moment’s notice.

International Referrals

With NAR Global, REALTORS® can diversify their clientele. By completing the Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation, the At Home with Diversity (AHWD) certification, or the Resort and Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS) certification, our members gain the global perspective to fully serve clients here and abroad. With this global perspective in mind, this Field Guide to International Referrals provides information on international legalities, education, best practices, etiquette, research, and more. Also check this guide for current news on the international real estate market, as well as a sample international referral form created by NAR’s CIPS group.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

The ever-increasing complexities of real estate transactions and the rising use of litigation have prompted a need for errors and omissions (E&O) insurance programs to reduce the risk to sales associates and the real estate firms they represent against potential lawsuits. The following items address E&O and professional liability insurance, answering many of the questions REALTORS® may have about how E&O insurance works and how to choose a provider.

Working with Baby Boomers

The over-50 population is a growing force in America and the rate of home ownership is higher among this age group than in any other. Today’s seniors have more active lifestyles, are more affluent and if they downsize their homes it is often in square footage rather than price. This field guide offers articles, statistical data and links to help REALTORS® gain insight into this lucrative demographic.


How much does the typical REALTOR® earn in a year? The material listed here includes statistics from NAR Research and other sources offering details about the income of agents and brokers and what determines how much they make.

What We’re Reading: August 3-7

Privacy, owls, sexism, fictional RE, braille, maps, Cecil the lion, GodMode, family leave, and #fail

Yikes!  Has our privacy totally vanished?

If you give an owl a library card . . . .

Imagine the listings for your favorite fictional, magical homes. Here are five witchy real estate listings.

Just 10 percent of visually impaired people actually learn braille. Dot allows users to read ebooks without throwing down thousands of dollars for a portable braille reader. The watch should hit the market for less than $300, with pre-orders staring this year.

This week in maps: how the United States generates its electricity. And we learned people love road trips. Some like ‘em more than others. And some like them perhaps a little bit too much. Lastly, when you’re hanging out at the beach and you gaze off into the horizon, do you know what is across the ocean from you?

Don’t want to buy a Cecil the Lion tribute Beanie Baby? How about a gold-plated phone with Cecil the Lion engraved on the back?  It will raise money for a conservation charity in Zimbabwe. It seems tributes are everywhere. 14687370670_91a0b8ddf5_q

Did you just upgrade to Windows 10? Want to take full advantage of every option it has to offer? Try GodMode.

This week at work: are you making healthy choices at the office? Where is the line between working overtime because you love what you do or because you are addicted to work? Also, are office air conditioning standards sexist?  Lastly, Netflix made a game-changing announcement.

Mother Nature isn’t trying to kill you exactly, but maybe harm or seriously injure, at least in Michigan.

It’s nice and safe here in the library.  Not so much if you are a scientist out in the field.