What We’re Reading: October 26-30

Haunted houses, Halloween, passwords, Facebook update, Pop Tarts, location, prefabs, roofs, TP origami, alternative desks, World Series and trash-talking librarians!

This time of year, we like our houses haunted, and our hotels haunted and horrific. Also, you can now find out if a property has a dark history. 1089509858_56225c2de5_m  Karen/flickr/2007

Over 41 million American children could be ringing doorbells around the country on Saturday — find out some more Halloween stats! And is Halloween is all about the candy or the costumes?

Do you have too many passwords to keep track of? Are they strong enough to avoid hacking? You might be interested to know researchers have come up with what may be the perfect password formula.

If you use Facebook on your iPhone, you might have noticed a shorter battery life. This update should fix that.

Our teeth ache just thinking about these new Pop Tart flavors.

Location, location, location.

These mansions could take years to build and who would buy them? Why wait years when your home could be ready tomorrow? Sure, they’re smaller, but each of these modern prefabs was assembled in under two weeks.

Conventional construction logic says that you have to build foundations first, roofs last. They do things a little differently in Canada. Speaking of roofs, we think this is an odd adornment to a Michigan roof.

We scoffed at first, but upon reconsideration realized this could be a great detail for guests and open house attendees!

Shut up and take our money. This is so much better than a standing desk! Actually, maybe not…wall_e_chairs daddytypes.com/2013

How important is Emotional Intelligence to you? Here are 5 TED Talks that you might find useful!

This is how librarians throw down! Whether you are rooting for the Mets or the Royals, we can all agree that a free breakfast would be nice!


What We’re Reading: October 19-23

Tribune Tower, Millenials, language, IoT, petrichor and its ilk, spiders, theatre, exploration, online shopping, Game of Scones, pods, standing desks, and Sesame Street.

The Tribune Tower was recently listed for sale — take a closer look at this gorgeous structure. 14612360006_6ac9c776e2_m Jason Raia/flickr/2014

What happens when the parents of Millennials become their biggest housing competition

Word your real estate listing correctly… the power has shifted from sellers to buyers.

These new smart bulbs will learn your habits so your neighbors won’t even realize you’re not at home.

Colorful foliage may be autumn’s hallmark, but humans can also smell the change of seasons. 16136991162_abbcd4516b_m Luke Price/flickr/2014

Spiders have plenty of benefits, but that doesn’t mean they’re always welcome guests in your home.

One of our number saw this live, but for those of us unable to get to London, there is this. Of course, nothing will stop us from going to London next year for THIS.

While restoring one of the exploration huts in Antarctica, conservators of the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust discovered a box preserved in ice that turned out to be a treasure containing never-before-seen negatives documenting the life of Antarctic explorers a 100 years ago.

How would you react if your property management office stopped accepting package deliveries?

These recipes combine two of our favorite things: puns and Game of Thrones. What could be better?!

To stand or not to stand… Is that the question?

Sesame Street is diversifying its cast even more by adding this new character.

What We’re Reading: October 12-16

Google, Cubs, green housing, emoji, Uber, microwave-safe, work counts, IoT, drugs, and rentals.

How altruistically would you have behaved if you found yourself in the position of owning Google.com?

If you live in Wrigleyville in Chicago, you just might find a baseball lying in a pool of glass shards on your floor.  When homers don’t quite make it out of the park, where do they go? You also might spot the golden Jake Arrieta making some Cubs fans very nervous, and not while standing on the mound. Even if you don’t normally root for the Cubs, don’t you want the narrative to continue?

7909049_a2c81709bc_m Erin English/flickr/2005

Legalizing marijuana in Colorado is impacting many facets of life in the state — housing included.

Maybe we’re showing our age, but isn’t it faster to type the words rather than browse a hundred emoji to find the right image to convey a message? Oh well. The powers that be are considering adding more emoji to sift through. Check them out.

This makes us forgive Uber for surge pricing: Uber drivers will cooperate with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to help find missing children.

Shut up and take our money.

Ever wonder how common your work experience is? This interactive chart shows you how many other people match your experience based on education, income, work hours, and commute.

The Internet of Things allows us to quantify and connect, but when does it get in the way of just enjoying the experience of life?

With marijuana legalized (to varying degrees) in almost half the county, companies need to start evaluating their drug policies.

Thank goodness caffeine isn’t against any of our office policies! Here are some great coffee deals this autumn.

According to the 2015 Rental Market Report, rental vacancies are down — good news for landlords, bad news for renters.

What We’re Reading: October 5-8

Credit vs. Debit, Air France, dowsers, farming, e-commerce, famous agents, privacy, travel, #extremephonepinching, color, and space solutions!

Credit cards vs. debit cards: Millennials are doing it wrong.

8696912862_ed7fa61161_m Personal Money Network/flickr/2010

Sooooo, here’s one way to express worker discontent besides sending a scathing email.

In a time of drought, some Californians are turning to large maps, rulers, pendulums, and the dowsers who wield them.

It’s not the strangest thing to happen in New York, but it is unexpected. Jet Blue is getting a different type of project off the ground. We’ll see what it yields.

We hesitate before buying a pair of shoes online, so we’re not so sure about buying real estate online.

Imagine a post-One Direction world in which Harry Styles is a…real estate agent?

October screams of harvests, hay rides, Halloween, and haunted houses. Maybe we’ll plan a visit to one of these ghost towns.

Traveling over Columbus Day Weekend? Check out this car rental advice! Flying? You might have one more document to shred. Boarding passes can be decoded to reveal personal information and travel plans.

3657649621_b514bb7ca9_m Frankieleon/flickr/2009

Nope. Just looking at these photos makes us nervous! Are you following the trend?

Of all the colors to choose from, Benjamin Moore has surprised us with its choice for the 2016 Color of the Year.

Ikea is offering up a solution to ever-shrinking living spaces.


What We’re Reading: September 28-October 2

Supermoon, disaster prep, convertible desks, architecture, the future, project management, recycled homes, pods, housing trends, and maps!

Did you miss the Supermoon Eclipse Blood Moon on Sunday night? You can see the whole thing here!

21158632333_02c9dfd563_m anokarina/flickr/2015

Speaking of tide-influencing events, are you in the path of Hurricane Joaquin? Prepare your home!

Find yourself getting sleepy at work? There’s a solution for you! Get a desk that converts into a bed — why wouldn’t HR will go for this, right?

Cold and flu season is around the corner, so here are some tips that will help you to survive it!

The Chicago Architecture Biennial begins Saturday, October 3 and runs through January 3, 2016 — check out this preview and the trailer! There are many public programs to take advantage of, and Curbed has put together a guide for ease.

Need more proof that we live in the future? Check out this collection of innovative designs in homes, transportation, and energy.

The future is now! Anyway, it’s October 2015, so it’s only appropriate that this trilogy will be available for streaming. How many of its predictions have become reality? There is one more that we in Chicago would like to see come to fruition! 20232614198_0f1550303c_m Ricardo 清介 八木/flickr/2015

How do you manage your projects? Walt Disney managed his productions using this creative flowchart!

This gives deeper meaning to “Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle.” Incredible!

Photo documentarian, Matt Tuteur, photographed Cabrini-Green amid its demolition, and saw these remains as reminders “that not everybody in those projects was some kind of monster, the way they’re portrayed to be in movies and culture.” In other words, they were an antidote to Cabrini-Green’s brutally dangerous reputation, rooted in a few highly-publicized crimes.

Oh, Keurig, we think you’ve jumped the shark on this one. Wasn’t soda enough to save plummeting sales?

It’s not just Millennials that are moving in with their parents. There has been an increase in multigenerational households in recent years.

Those cute bungalows seen in many cities? Viewed as tasteless eyesores when they were being built!

Do you have a sense of humor and require pet care? Why not visit Citizen Canine or Wiggly Field? This crowdsourced map identifies punny businesses and it’s amazing.