What We’re Reading: November 23-27

Black Friday,libraries, Smart Homes, cats vs. terrorism, holiday foods, REALTORS® in other fields, cold and flu season, and the future.

All things Black Friday: What is the true origin of the term Black Friday? Does real estate have a Black Friday? Ten things you shouldn’t buy on Black Friday (and when you should buy them instead).

Internet of Things? Try a Library of Things! However, if your goal is to give the gift of IoT Smart Home technology, here’s a handy gift guide.

Cats fighting terrorism!  It’s heartening to know that people are maintaining a sense of humor in the face of terrorism. Isolated cat on white background Sergiu Bacioiu/flickr/2009

Most of us look forward to a particular dish or treat around the holidays — here are the origins of 15 popular holiday foods.

How many REALTORS®, other than the HGTV’s Property Brothers, have musical aspirations?

Google is on the Star Wars bandwagon — now you can adopt a Dark Side or Light Side theme to your Google products.

Oh, gross! Please cover your mouth when you sneeze! Of course, if you sport this trend, your sneezes could look magical to those around you. I would like to go on record saying no. Just no.

We enjoyed some “free” videos this week, too.

As you contemplate the airfare you paid for your holiday travel this week, consider new ways to get free future flights.

Wi-Fi slowing you down? Li-Fi is the way of the future.

What We’re Reading: November 16-20

Disaster prep and response, famous home, screen time, coffee, libraries, appraisers, Thanksgiving prep, holiday decor, Facebook, and this year’s best inventions!

Winter is coming. No, really, it is. Here‘s a list of five important things to do to prepare for a weather disaster! 84770325_d6444bbbbd_m Beshef/flickr/2006

Facebook’s Safety Check was originally developed for use in case of natural disaster, but it was activated for the people of Paris in the aftermath of the devastating terrorist attack on the city. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims during this difficult time.

Ready to feel old? Home Alone premiered 25 years ago! The titular home was sold a few years ago and you can view the listing video here.

Ever feel a little off after too much screen time? Digital motion sickness might be to blame. Speaking of screen time, the brightness of the screen might be affecting your sleep.

Coffee might make you live longer? Lucky us! 8249906174_4d43bcf4bc_m Cheryl Foong/flickr/2012

Libraries have existed for centuries, and continuously change based on the needs of patrons. What will libraries look like in the future?

The number of appraisers has dropped by 20% since 2007. What is going on and why does it matter?

Find the biggest bird possible and feast on the leftovers, or do the math and plan for a turkey that will precisely fulfill your Thanksgiving needs — leftovers, optional? Here’s a handy guide to help you, whichever path you choose. Here are some more flowcharts in case you have other Thanksgiving decisions to make.

Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving is the day to decorate for the holidays. This guy has abandoned traditional lighting displays for something with a bit more imperial.

This could help put a stop to Facebook-stalking exes. Facebook is offering a feature to limit how much you see of your ex, how much your ex sees of you, and how much your friends can see of when you were together. “And that, my friend, is what they call closure.”

Shut up and take our money.



What We’re Reading: November 9-13

Texting, networking, professional development, movies, architecture, cold and flu, and Friday the 13th!

Technology use is affecting our bodies in a number of ways — here‘s a suggestion to prevent neck pain and poor posture that comes from texting. 7387111804_aaf228e965_m Beth Scupham/flickr/2012

It’s time for REALTORS Conference & Expo! That means networking! A lot of networking. If networking is not your forte, take a look at this article from HBR for suggestions.

Professional development is on our minds this week! These are some leadership lessons from a 3-star general, so ATTENTION!

While we are on the subject of professional development, read about the 25 daily habits of successful CEOs.

New York and LA come to mind when you think of movies, but Chicago has been the backdrop to some greats!

We want to go to there. These apartment buildings and offices are so much better than the status quo!

Cold season is upon us. What can you do to keep a cold at bay5383120187_384a4c1d95_m Steven Yeargin/flickr/2011

It’s Friday the 13th — feeling lucky?

What We’re Reading: November 2-6

Annotated web,  doppelgangers, grand homes, Twitter, Peanuts, Star Wars, global warming, emojis, travel, Ranch Dressing, Veteran’s Day, and good habits!

Wonder what T-Swift means by “haters gonna hate hate hate?” Rap Genius has the annotations to help you out. The story behind the site is a good one, and its founders have some lofty goals!

They say each of us has a doppelganger, but what are the chances you’ll meet yours like this?

Here’s a bargain for you: how does a lodge, a farm, a windmill and 20,000 feet of prime Lake Superior frontage sound? It will only cost you $40 million.

Twitter has changed how you favorite tweets – we heart it. 4341554771_3211be158d_m Penn Waggener/flickr/2010

The best thing about reboots is the retrospectives they inspire.

That’s no ornament. It’s a space station! One terminally ill Star Wars fan’s dying wish came true.

The majority of Americans can expect to suffer mental health problems as a result of global warming and warns that our mental health system is not equipped to handle it. Speaking of global warming, look at this map of first snowfalls across America, ye mighty, and despair.

Communicating via the written word can sometimes fail to communicate the nuances of human emotion. For those times, there are emoji—and now you can actually buy a dedicated hardware emoji keyboard to help.

In the Future, International Airline Travel Will Actually Be Fun Again. No, Really.

In case you really, really want to know about Ranch Dressing.  Now I’m hungry! 3704985018_9d0751fdbe_m Whitney/flickr/2009

We wish our dads had this information back when we were obligated to do chores.

Veteran’s Day is November 11 and a number of businesses are offering free products and services to those that have served.