What We’re Reading: February 22-26

Smart homes, work cats, architecture, GPS, Facebook, wizard IT, well-being, 3-D printing, Waze, mug cake, persons of interest, coffee, PA systems, desk set, and pennies.

Barbie® has a smart home and a hoverboard now — what’s holding you back?

For those times (always!) when your cat just won’t let you use your own workspace.


Douglas Woods/flickr/2007

Chinese architects have designed some incredible structures, but the state will reign them in going forward.

Facebook has rolled out it’s enhanced Like feature, which provides labeled emoji. Now we realize we’ve misinterpreted some emoji for years.

This diary imagines a muggle IT guy starting a job at Hogwarts. It is everything.

Naples, FL ranks as the highest community for well-being and access to care. Where does your community rank?

3-D printed buildings? Have they seen how long it takes to 3-D print a pencil cup? A 3-D printer will be sent to the International Space Station next month. At least no one can hear you scream (out of frustration) in space.

Let Morgan Freeman tell you when to make your next turn.

Chocolate cake in less than 5 minutes? Yes, please.

Want to seem more interesting to others? Here are some tips.

Coffee pods have made access to a fresh, single serving of coffee so easy, but at what cost?

Don’t tease us. This would be a game changer for the urban commuter.

We don’t know if we agree that a clean and clear desk means a lack of commitment, but have fun reading into your coworkers’ personalities with this article.

A penny saved is a penny earned. Or repurpose the small currency in surprising ways. 8213370111_c02fd472f1_m slgckgc/flickr/2012

What We’re Reading: February 15-19

ER injuries, New York skyline change, nutella hacks, self-parking office chairs, flexible smartphones, and duct tape cups.

polarcubs copyInjuries related to steps and stairs are the No. 1 reason people wind up in the ER.

In Shanghai shoppers can skip the stairs and get to the ground in 16 seconds.

This farm-to-table residential model has been sprouting up everywhere from Atlanta to Shanghai.

Having trouble sleeping?  Try watching this video beforehand and it may help!

LA Modern is auctioning a real estate property for the first time and it’s none other than a Frank Lloyd Wright property. It’s essentially the same house from 1939.

New York’s skyline will soon include a twist courtesy of BIG architects.

Housingwire has listed the top 10 safest and most dangerous cities. Surprisingly, Chicago didn’t make the list.

Have you ever wondered if you could start your own country?

The sci-fi dream of flexible electronics is on its way – check out this new prototype flexible smartphone.

The engineers at Nissan are so excited about autonomous driving tech they have pulled themselves away from working on actual cars to demonstrate how smart they were with self-parking office chairs.

Wind power is taking off in America. Literal winds of change are afoot.

Watching ice shatter like glass on Lake Superior’s shore is unreasonably satisfying.

We now have the ability to store the culture, language, and essence of the human race in a simple piece of glass.

Collapsible cups and bowls make drinking water on the go easier for you and your dog. You can buy them at the store, or you can just make some yourself with a little duct tape.

Never lose a single smear of Nutella, ever again with these amazing hacks.

What We’re Reading: February 8-12

Foam,3-D printing, wearable tech, robots, smart homes, land ownership, life imitating art, Titanic II, and Valentine’s Day.

Hmmm, we wonder what will be the property value impact of this.

Shut up and take our money.

This takes wearable technology to a whole other level, and we’re not sure how to feel about it.

It’s not quite Wall-E, but we find it encouraging.

Do you want your home’s thermostat to know when you are approaching, so it can crank up the heat for your arrival? It can be done!

Sure you can own 2.2 million acres of land, but who’s going to mow it? We jest. These are the top 10 land owners in the U.S.

Picasso would be proud of how surreal this is.

Hopefully there will be enough lifeboats and the watertight bulkheads will go above E deck this time.

We hope we’re not surprising anyone with this news, but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

98171915_b07b308a32_m Jackie/flickr/2006

What We’re Reading: February 1-5

Groundhog Day, snowboarding, wine pairings, the future, Apple rumors, selfie risks, etiquette, Super Bowl 50, and Bacon numbers.

Why we rely on large rodents to predict the weather aside, there’s good news out of Punxsutawney7087048923_14d5b0447c_m Doug Kerr/flickr/2012

A talented one year old is sure to make use of the remaining winter!

Assuming you haven’t already eaten all the Girl Scout Cookies you bought this year, take a look at this cookie and wine pairing guide!

This would improve our morning routines. It’d certainly be less difficult than fumbling an over-sized smartphone with one hand to get the weather forecast while brushing our teeth with the other hand.

If the rumors are true, maybe we won’t need that mirror. It looks like Apple might release a new, smaller phone.

If you insist on taking a selfie, large phone or small, please be aware of your surroundings. We don’t like to read about selfie-related tragedies.

Enough cannot be said for proper email etiquette, especially in professional matters. Take a look at these 15 rules of etiquette to follow. While we’re at it, good manners might make you wealthier, so take note.

Is the fact that this is the 50th Super Bowl driving prices higher than normal? We’re not as interested in attending as we are in the food at our parties (molten cheese, please) and grading the commercials2483791713_a13b85e29e_m Peyri Herrera/flickr/2008

The only remaining recording of the 1st Super Bowl is in the hands of a man in NC, and we may never see it.

We assume you’ve heard of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, and you might know Google has a “bacon number” easter egg, but have you heard that Facebook says you’re only 3.57 degrees from Kevin Bacon?

Top Field Guides for January 2016

Field Guides are one-stop resource packages on dozens of subjects of interest to REALTORS®. On each page you’ll find links to articles, books, web sites, statistics, and other material on each subject. The list of the most-used field guides from Information Central for the month of January 2016 was released today:

  1. Field Guide to Quick Real Estate Statistics
  2. Field Guide to Being a New REALTOR®
  3. Field Guide to Opening a Real Estate Brokerage
  4. Field Guide to Preparing & Staging a House for Sale
  5. Field Guide to 1031 Exchanges
  6. Field Guide to Farming & Prospecting
  7. Field Guide to Writing a Business Plan
  8. Field Guide to Compensation Plans for Real Estate Agents
  9. Field Guide to the Best Places to Live
  10. Field Guide to Errors & Omissions Insurance

Have an idea for a new field guide? Let us know!