What We’re Reading: March 21-25

Crowd sourcing, house envy, museums, overdue books, smartphone rankings, architecture, spring, workplace health, and Millennial home buyers.

Some people might say this is why you shouldn’t let the internet decide things, but we think this is exactly why you should let the internet decide things!

Take a peak at Remington House, a Romanesque Revival townhouse for sale. It is speculated to be the priciest listing ever in Park Slope.

While we are being voyeuristic, how about a look at the house Frank Lloyd Wright stayed in while designing the iconic Guggenheim Museum?

Jules Antonio 2014

Jules Antonio/flickr/2014

Speaking of which, What can museums do to improve how we experience art? We vote for anti-fatigue mat flooring, but we’ll concede to these suggestions as well.

We librarians are a forgiving bunch. Just ask this guy who returned a book 49 years after its due date.

Consumer Reports has ranked smartphones, and a new model tops the list. Check it out.

Do you enjoy a great city skyline like we do? Check out these cities with the best architecture!

nathanmac87 2013


REALTORS® are often out and about, but take steps to be healthy when you are spending time in front of your computer.

The U.S. Census Bureau has released its 2015 Population Estimates. Can you guess what type of areas have experienced the most growth?

Spring has officially sprung! This means it is time to check some things around your house.

Is a lack of information all that stands between Millennials and home buying?

What We’re Reading: March 14-18

March Madness, NFL, Daylight Savings, USB chargers, ninjas, burrito app, art, books, sleep pods, and eaglets!

Sure, it may suck some of the fun out of the process or be considered cheating, but if you use a bracket prediction tool before your coworkers, you could stand to win big! Need a guide to watching the tournament?

NFL officials have finally admitted a link between CTE and football. We wonder what will change going forward.

We are sure everyone could use tips on taking better naps after Daylight Savings Time began this week. Today also happens to be World Sleep Day, which is something we can get on board with. b o w n o s e 2011 b o w n o s e/flickr/2011

Here‘s an easy way to bring your electrical outlets into the 21st century!

Are you physically fit, acrobatic (able to perform back handsprings), over 18 and interested in the history of Japan and its warlords? This might be the job for you!

Sometimes you need the closest burrito, but how do you find it? There’s an app for that, of course.

Check out these beautiful ceilings from around the world.

Have you jumped on the eBook bandwagon and find that you miss the smell of an old book? We’ve got you coveredaimee rivers 2012 aimee rivers/flickr/2012

Have you ever been stuck at an airport, exhausted and in need of privacy?

After reading about so many eagles being killed recently, this is truly happy news! 

What We’re Reading: March 7-11

Cumberbunnies, email, language of listings, best practices, concierge service, on exhibit, renos, honorary Beatle, early spring, hearing damage, science, and Daylight Savings Time.

We aren’t sure these are necessary, and they are a bit cost prohibitive, however we kind of love that they exist.

The man who put the only preposition on your keyboard to good use has passed awaySteve Snodgrass 2011 Steve Snodgrass/flickr/2011

While amusing, we hope this is not the way listings are going.

Our password practices have been vindicated by the Federal Trade Commission’s chief technologist!

This is like something out of the first act of a Black Mirror episode.

Sorry, but without Colin Firth, this is just a puffy shirt.

We love tracking emerging home and interior trends — here are some ideas for the home that have us excited.

Sad news from the music industry: legendary music producer and the “fifth Beatle” has passed away.

It’s warm in Chicago! It’s warm in Chicago! We are all this giraffe!

Your music is too loud! And get off our lawn! *Shakes fist*

Go on, have a cookie with that glass of milk…because SCIENCE.

Until they start marking Daylight Savings Time by moving ahead an hour at 4pm on a Friday, here are some tips to help smooth the transition.


What We’re Reading: February 29 – March 4

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Have you had problems getting closing documents in advance from lenders? You’re not alone!

We are not sure which is more disconcerting, the various robots running this hotel, or the hat and wig on the velociraptor… Tomi Lattu 2014  Tomi Lattu/flickr/2014

How much attention do you pay to your posture at work? Correct bad posture with these moves before it’s a problem!

Sure, you know people who collect action figures, baseball cards, and PEZ dispensers, but know anyone who collects these? Whatever the collection, hopefully it doesn’t overtake the house.

This is the year to get it right on your NCAA tournament bracket! Or at least it is if you work for Warren Buffet. Failing that, you might look into more affordable housing.

Which future would you prefer: wealth or the appearance of wealth? Social media may have an impact on how you wind up.

What do you do when a luxury property is too luxurious for the market?

Facepalm. Even if it is only an art project. Look at this pic or this video afterward. It will make you feel better. AJ Cann 2011 AJ Cann/flickr/2011

Before spam, there was junk mail, but how far back does junk mail date? Longer than you might think.

A “super bloom” of flowers…in Death Valley? This doesn’t happen often!

If  you are a Mac user, you might have a lot of automatically downloaded content that you have no use for. Here are tips on freeing up some hard drive space.

Ok, this is really cool. Find out the origin, meaning, and prevalence of your last name.

Why even take steps if you don’t get credit for them?

The more you fidget in this chair, the more gadgets it can charge.

Nope. Just nope.