New and Updated in the Library – September 2016

The following Field Guides have recently been updated in the Library:

Credit Scoring

Credit scoring has become a serious issue in the lending community and it can affect your ability to obtain or refinance your next mortgage. Credit scoring systems can gauge a mortgage applicant’s credit rating and assign an interest rate and risk value based upon information provided in the loan application. Credit scoring offers several advantages. It provides quick recommendations while taking human judgment out of the equation. Credit scoring also is extremely efficient and, usually, inexpensive. This updated field guide includes articles and books relating to credit scoring.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Traditionally, real estate industry disputes rely on negotiation for solutions. If negotiation fails, litigation is often initiated. Mediation involves the skillful intervention of a third-party professional to help resolve disputes that arise between two or more parties. This page includes a variety of resources, including articles, website links, books and other sources relating to mediation, conflict resolution, arbitration and dispute resolution.

Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

The ever-increasing complexities of real estate transactions and the rising use of litigation have prompted a need for errors and omissions (E&O) insurance programs to reduce the risk to sales associates and the real estate firms they represent against potential lawsuits. The following items address E&O and professional liability insurance, answering many of the questions REALTORS® may have about how E&O insurance works and how to choose a provider. Some state associations also have carriers they recommend (please check with your state association for this information). Please see this list for additional Errors & Omission Insurance Providers.


You meet lots of people in the real estate business—some nice and some not so nice. Learn how to protect yourself at open houses and in the car. Get safety tips, handouts, and posters from the National Association of REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations.

Effective Online Marketing

An online presence is a vital component of a real estate professional’s marketing strategy. Because today’s consumers want accurate information quickly and conveniently, real estate professionals must harness the features and capabilities of online marketing to meet these ever-increasing needs. In this field guide you will find an overview of online marketing basics, tips on marketing your website, and information on how to use email and blogging. You will also find NAR’s trademark and policy issues, as well as a variety of useful websites that can take your internet marketing to new heights. 


What We’re Reading: September 12-16

Layover, communication, flying fish, investing, tiny home, canines, higher ed, marketing, human response, walking, iPhones, and reading.

At least this guy would have plenty of time to make his connecting flight!

Poor communication could be holding you back from being a great leader. How well do you communicate with others?

This gives new meaning to “being catfished.”

This is a different entrée to investment properties… Tony Alter 2009 Tony Alter/flickr/2009

Short on time and cash, but in need of housing? Try this.

Look at that face! This gentle giant has no idea how big he is.

The 2017 Best College Rankings list is out! Where does your school fall on the list? And what is the gender wage gap for graduates of your alma mater?

Whatever your reason for exodus, this agent is using the 2016 election as a marketing gimmick.

Feeling frustrated? Will you lash out verbally, or perhaps you want something more tangible?

For those of you in the LA area who have been intending to take more walks, but are held back by loneliness or safety concerns, consider hiring this guy.

Finally! The ability to delete stock apps from an iPhone! Here are some other iPhone tricks and tips you might not know.

How long did it take you to read this? Save yourself some time next week.



What We’re Reading: September 5-9

Technology, symbols, upcycling, REITs, GoT, housing starts, neighbors, guac, design, and handwriting.

This real estate tech startup is trying to make home buying an online process.

The 15th anniversary of 9/11 is approaching, and an iconic part of the event’s aftermath is back where it belongs.

Don’t trash those building materials! Upcycle for a profitJim Bauer 2012 Jim Bauer/flickr/2012

Property investors worry about the air conditioning in offices? Anyone who’s ever worked in an office will scoff at that notion!

Well, this takes 3D printing to an entirely new level!

The home building market is still feeling the effects of the last housing bust. Construction workers are in demand, and in short supply!

Sometimes neighbors turn out to be bad eggs.

If you’ve been avoiding making guacamole because eating it before it browns feels like too much pressure (is that just us?), then fear no more!

Design seemed to be Apple’s forte, but AirPods might prove that wrong.

Will this skill be saved, or go the way of the dodo?

What We’re Reading: August 29 – September 2

Renovations, RIP, aid, automation, smart homes, time warp, digital natives, new ownership, paint, early birds, paying it forward, and community.

Sure they are big and luxurious, but who’s going to clean them?

While we mourn the passing of the great Gene Wilder, we look back on some of the movies that cemented his place in our collective memory.

How perfectly fitting for a local pasta dish to be used to raise money to aid the earthquake devastated Italian town of Amatrice.

If you use a social media post scheduler, you might notice one platform conspicuously missing — Instagram. Someone is filling the gap.

Zuckerberg has turned his sights to smart home technology — we can’t wait for a demo!

This couple lived in their house for 76 years, and people were treated to a bit of a time capsule when it hit the market.

Speaking of things from the past being preserved, check out the new life breathed into iconic London’s red telephone boxesMoyan Brenn 2008 Moyan Brenn/flickr/2008

Parents have good reason to limit their children’s screen time.

What will be the fate of this Chicago landmark building?

2017 colors of the year include Poised Toupe — as opposed to Awkward Toupe?

Sorry to report, but a lot of successful people are early risers. Here are some early morning tips to help you out.

Want to give back, but don’t know where to start? Try little things that will make a difference.

How close are you with your friends? Could you see yourself doing this with them?

What We’re Reading: August 22-26

Technology, science, sportsmanship, um, baseball, unique homes, paint, travel, www, and trade secrets.

We dream of a world in which we have a strong WiFi signal in each room of the house.

Have you updated your iPhone recently? You might want to.

Pokemon Go is causing concern among some conservationists.

Prepare ship for Ludicrous Speed!

Scientists have determined the best way to hold a coffee cup to avoid spillage. Good job, Science. kate mccarthy 2008 kate mccarthy/flickr/2008

Who said being nice doesn’t get you anything?

We will reserve comment and just leave this here for you.

The good news is that a baseball player hit a grand slam, the bad news is where the ball landed.

You’ll have a yabba dabba doo time in this house! If you are short on square footage, take inspiration from these Japanese micro houses!

Whatever house you choose, just stay away from these four colors.

Rising sea levels threatening your home? There’s a solution for that.

The Olympics are over, and all these tired athletes want to do is go home, but first

Happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web, without which we would not be able to share these great articles!

Could this be the secret recipe for KFC chicken?



What We’re Reading: August 15-19

Harry Potter, RE investment, environmental change, names, careers, apps, TV, health, and Middle Earth.

We were told no more Harry Potter stories, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get more from the Potter universe!

If only we had had the money to invest in real estate as 11 year olds

The Playboy Mansion has finally sold, with at least one contingency — Hefner stays through his lifetime.

Rising sea levels are threatening the future of this Alaskan village. What will it take to save it? While we’re on the topic, supraglacial lakes are appearing in Greenland, and while beautiful, they are not a good signNASA Earth Observatory

NASA Earth Observatory

Simones were huge winners at the Olympics, and there might be more of them in the future!

Olympic athletes hold all kinds of jobs to support their training and their families — this one happens to be a REALTOR®!

Looking to switch up your video calling software? Google has a new app for you.

Need suggestions on something to read/watch/listen to now that you’ve binged your way through a favorite show? This guide is for you!

Is your employer considering relocating from ‘burbs to the city? You can employ healthy habits once you get there!

Do you know the way to Mordor?

What We’re Reading: August 8-12

Olympics, mortgages, castles, design, tedium, cookies, autonomous growth, reviews, and tech!

Train for citius, altius, fortius, but don’t count on making a profit. Rule 40 prevents athletes from cashing in during the games. If a gold medal winner wants cash, they could sell their medal for $564.

One (profiting) athlete just tied an Olympic record held by an ancient competitor.

 Patrick Hoesly 2010

Patrick Hoesly/flickr/2010

There are age requirements now, but in the very beginning of the nineteenth century, the Olympics had a very young, mysterious participant.

How many hours per week do you need to work in order to afford a home in your state?

A man’s home is his castle, but this castle could be your home for the right price in September.

Now you can create customized color palettes using Pantone’s new app.

First it was Slow Food, then Slow TV, now it is Slow-Game Apps.  Plant a few seeds and see what slowly happens.

Girl Scout cookie flavors come and go — will this one stick around or flame out?

How would you like to live in a house that could repair itself after a fire? It could be in our future.

For those of us lacking a green thumb, maybe this grow box is a solution. For legal plant life, obvs.

So, a company known for its performance review software is getting rid of its own performance reviews because they are too time-consuming and expensive? Really?

Only a few more weeks until the newest iPhone is revealed!

What We’re Reading: August 1-5

Silicon Valley, history, fashion, MTV, Netflix, architecture, business, the future, and the Olympics.

Housing inventory and prices in Silicon Valley have been increasingly discussed issues. Facebook has made a proposal to address these. Like?

Vrooom vroom…he’s the leader of the pack! What influence has Elon Musk had this time?

Among 90s fashion, cargo shorts weren’t the worst offenders. The fact that many haven’t left them in the 90s is another issue entirelyMcArthurGlen Designer Outlet 2013 McArthurGlen Designer Outlet/flickr/2013

Video killed the radio star. MTV celebrates 35 years.

Netflix has bestowed us with many binge-worthy gifts: House of Cards, Stranger Things, and Slow TV?

This makes us rethink the times our parents told us the creakings of the house was just it settling.

Is it just us, or does the design of this home alone make you feel more relaxed?

What trend is corporate America following now?

What sorcery is this?!

The Summer Olympics is finally here! In 20 years or so, it might all look like this, but for now find out the ways you can tune incarlbob 2012 carlbob/flickr/2012

Top Field Guides for July 2016

Field Guides are one-stop resource packages on dozens of subjects of interest to REALTORS®. On each page you’ll find links to articles, books, web sites, statistics, and other material on each subject. The list of the most-used field guides from Information Central for the month of July 2016 was released today:

  1. Field Guide to Quick Real Estate Statistics
  2. Field Guide to Being a New REALTOR®
  3. Field Guide to 1031 Exchanges
  4. Field Guide to Opening a Real Estate Brokerage
  5. Field Guide to Preparing & Staging a House for Sale
  6. Field Guide to Farming & Prospecting
  7. Field Guide to Facebook for REALTORS®
  8. Field Guide to the Best Places to Live
  9. Field Guide to Compensation Plans for Real Estate Agents
  10. Field Guide to Marketing Tips for REALTORS®

Have an idea for a new field guide? Let us know!

What We’re Reading: July 18-22

Diet, virtual commute, marketing incentive, gaming, amenities, repurposed spaces, history, digital migration, climate change, and a lost colony.

Healthier eating is on our minds during the summer. Here are some small things we can do to eat smarterOlearys 2012 Olearys/flickr/2012

Thanks to flexible policies and living in the future, some tech employees find themselves living far outside of the expensive Silicon Valley.

Want a pair of every Air Jordans ever made? Buy this house.

Pokemon Go has certainly gotten people out of their houses.

Landlords have been offering upgraded amenities to justify higher rents for many years, but now more are creating extensive outdoor spaces to lure tenants.

One cultural loss is another’s cultural gain.

Everything old is new again.

Prior to child labor laws (and texting), kids did the hard work of delivering messages via bikeGideon Tsang 2011 Gideon Tsang/flickr/2011

If you haven’t already migrated from VHS, now is the time to do it!

Sure, this terrain in Siberia looks like a lot of fun, but the reason for its appearance is no fun at all.

Is it possible that the fabled lost colony of Roanoke has been found?