What We’re Reading: April 11-15

Sleep, language, travel, Millennials, weather alerts, censorship, lawncare, blisters, GoT, small eviction, Star Wars, taxes, and more!

Sleep is our favorite! We’d clean up at Aetna!

Did we have a schnapsidee or a luftschloss? We’re going to end this snippet before we verschlimmbessern.

This app would have been so useful when we traveled from Chicago to San Diego for annual!

There are so many conflicting reports about what Millennials will or won’t spend the money (they don’t have) on.

This is a smart move…the NWS sometimes felt like the boy who cried wolf, especially when you get an alert about FLURRIES.

Feel like talking to a random Swede? Go for itflattop341 2007 flattop341/flickr/2007

How satisfying is it when your lawn has perfect diagonal lines? Wait, what does that say about us?

Anyone who has ever had to break in new shoes can appreciate this life hack!

Everyone is a fan of Game of Thrones, even SiriSiri_Siliconborn_house_Apple Mashable

Speaking of things born out of Silicon Valley, here is a follow up story on the guy who lived in a box in his friend’s apartment.

Some movies are just meant to be seen on a big screen!

Still haven’t filed your taxes? You have three extra days to do so this year!

The real estate market is shaped by many players, but some are cloaked by shell corporations.

How many of your Facebook feeds are filled with what seems to be the same cooking video over and over and over again?

We’ve read a lot about boomerang kids moving back in with their parents, so we’re not surprised by builders are looking to cater to these multi-generational households.

Nature is strange. We wish there was an explanation for the behavior of these crabs!

A vehicular collection: A horse-drawn bookmobile!?!?! Space-exploring nanocraft!?!?! A Ford that costs how much?!?!





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