What We’re Reading: April 13-17

Best and Worst Jobs, Tech Neck, and some natural phenomena photos

iphoneThe best and worst jobs list was released this week. Basically, the list of best jobs is great news for people who are good at math.

Looking for a first or even a second home?  This view could be yours for a cool $6 Million!

You’re still not going to mistake Siri for a real person, but the iPhone’s digital assistant speaks more clearly after Apple’s new iOS 8.3 update.

It appears that our love of all things electronic is damaging our health. How can you prevent ‘tech neck’ without shutting down and switching off completely?

Apple thinks the key to a better life is a high-end watch that connects to your phone and tracks your health. Could a much simple piece of technology actually make the difference you’re looking for?

Is a standing desk a better option than sitting at a 90-degree angle?  What if you could work from your reclining chair?  This workspace might be the one for you!

Just the other day I was posting a picture of some blooming hyacinths and remarking how lovely they smelled… maybe adding scents to a photo won’t be too far away.

And lastly, 23 of the craziest natural phenomena around the world.

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