What We’re Reading: April 18-22

Music, unique homes, drones, energy, hackers, MickeyD’s, cicadas, streaming video, earthquakes, lifespan, outdoor spaces, sleep, and power plants.

2016 has not been kind to music icons. We lost Prince yesterday, but his impact on the music industry goes farther than you might know.

There are those among us that prefer homes with character and unique features…you will be surprised to see what this living room features!

When will offenders be prosecuted for tampering or destruction of drones, which are considered aircraft by the FAA?

California is leading the pack on renewable energy with laws regulating rooftops of new buildings.

Not all heroes wear capes.

As users become more sophisticated, so do cyber criminals. Don’t fall for one of their tricks.

Unlimited fries at McDonalds? Epic win or epic fail? Nicholas LabrynthX 2005 Nicholas LabrynthX/flickr/2005

Has it been 17 years already?

Amazon has just released a subscription service to their streaming Prime Video collection, but at $8.99/month, why not just buy a $99 Prime membership and get the other perks, too?

Ecuador and Japan suffered tremendous loss and damage from earthquakes in the last week. San Francisco marked the 110th anniversary of its own devastating earthquake this week, as well.

Eat well, exercise…and live near green spaces? New ingredient for a long life.

These are perfect for those of us who are ready to get outside, but still experiencing chilly evenings!

Have trouble falling asleep in a new place? Science is here to tell us why.

What a great idea for people who don’t rely on their phone to remind them to water plants.

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