What We’re Reading: August 15-19

Harry Potter, RE investment, environmental change, names, careers, apps, TV, health, and Middle Earth.

We were told no more Harry Potter stories, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get more from the Potter universe!

If only we had had the money to invest in real estate as 11 year olds

The Playboy Mansion has finally sold, with at least one contingency — Hefner stays through his lifetime.

Rising sea levels are threatening the future of this Alaskan village. What will it take to save it? While we’re on the topic, supraglacial lakes are appearing in Greenland, and while beautiful, they are not a good signNASA Earth Observatory

NASA Earth Observatory

Simones were huge winners at the Olympics, and there might be more of them in the future!

Olympic athletes hold all kinds of jobs to support their training and their families — this one happens to be a REALTOR®!

Looking to switch up your video calling software? Google has a new app for you.

Need suggestions on something to read/watch/listen to now that you’ve binged your way through a favorite show? This guide is for you!

Is your employer considering relocating from ‘burbs to the city? You can employ healthy habits once you get there!

Do you know the way to Mordor?

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