What We’re Reading: August 17-21

Parenting, Apple news, commutes, drought, Pequod, libraries, fat water, serial killer RE, Harry Potter, Goonies, RE ethics, bunkers, and record heat.

Are parenting styles and housing choices related?  Next Cities sets out an interesting argument connecting helicopter parenting and housing prices.  Do you agree or disagree?

Also in parenting this week: is your favorite childhood book included on this list of 50 books every parent should read to their kids?

O Happy Day! Apple is restoring our favorite music feature!

How close to work do you live? The commutes of 38 million Americans who leave the county in which they live was mapped, illustrating some serious economic pull to a handful of locations. commute Clive Darra/flickr/2008

Not everyone is pulling their weight in combating the current California drought. Any guesses as to who is less compliant?

“Man the mast-heads! Call all hands!” This Tiny Home has room for a whole crew!

The Most Majestically Beautiful Libraries Around the World in photos — there is something special about a big beautiful room full of books.

Ross might have been willing to, but we’re not going to drink the fat.

Could you live in a serial killer’s home? Ok, just the house used as a movie set for a fictional serial killer.

Fanfic at its best: when it’s about Harry Potter! With no more books to look forward to, fans feast on cooked up theories. Dumbledore Karen Roe/flickr/2012

Goonies never say die, however they will have to cease the pilgrimages to the Goonie House in Astoria, WA.

Increases in international real estate deals have exposed the need for global standardization in real estate ethics.

Repurposed spaces are always intriguing — see how these former bunkers are now used.

July was hot. How hot? The hottest. So hot that even a person afraid of heights would swim in this pool.

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