What We’re Reading: August 24-28

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It’s been ten years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans. A photographer revisited the sites of his photos from 2005 and overlaid them with the sites today. Not everyone who evacuated NOLA returned — see where they wound up.

Monday was National Waffle Day — did you celebrate? Waffles not your thing? Rest assured there is a day of national celebration for your food or drink of choice. 7924182960_f70806b10e_m m01229/flickr/2012

Wolfgang Puck’s Beverley Hills home is for sale, allowing the public a peek at the interior. It’s a lovely home, but TBH we expected more from the kitchen… We’d rather live in homes for those who are above it all. At the very least, we want to live in neighborhoods safer than these.

Ew. Nope. Make this go away.

Spoilers! There is an algorithm for solving Agatha Christie novels.

What are the Golden Arches without real estate?

What happens to homes when there aren’t enough people to live in them? Conversely, how do you tackle housing shortages in densely populated regions around the world? Why, shipping containers, of course.

One kangaroo isn’t too scary, but they call a group of kangaroos a “mob,” and we understand the use of this intimidating term after seeing this video.

The longer we live with the internet, the more we notice changes in ourselves. How is searching online affecting our brains?

Everyone enjoys a joke, right? Here are the best from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Have virtual real estate offices jumped the shark?  Some brokers think so.

Were you one of the billion people doing this on Monday? If so, these college courses might appeal to you!

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