What We’re Reading: August 29 – September 2

Renovations, RIP, aid, automation, smart homes, time warp, digital natives, new ownership, paint, early birds, paying it forward, and community.

Sure they are big and luxurious, but who’s going to clean them?

While we mourn the passing of the great Gene Wilder, we look back on some of the movies that cemented his place in our collective memory.

How perfectly fitting for a local pasta dish to be used to raise money to aid the earthquake devastated Italian town of Amatrice.

If you use a social media post scheduler, you might notice one platform conspicuously missing — Instagram. Someone is filling the gap.

Zuckerberg has turned his sights to smart home technology — we can’t wait for a demo!

This couple lived in their house for 76 years, and people were treated to a bit of a time capsule when it hit the market.

Speaking of things from the past being preserved, check out the new life breathed into iconic London’s red telephone boxesMoyan Brenn 2008 Moyan Brenn/flickr/2008

Parents have good reason to limit their children’s screen time.

What will be the fate of this Chicago landmark building?

2017 colors of the year include Poised Toupe — as opposed to Awkward Toupe?

Sorry to report, but a lot of successful people are early risers. Here are some early morning tips to help you out.

Want to give back, but don’t know where to start? Try little things that will make a difference.

How close are you with your friends? Could you see yourself doing this with them?

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