What We’re Reading: August 3-7

Privacy, owls, sexism, fictional RE, braille, maps, Cecil the lion, GodMode, family leave, and #fail

Yikes!  Has our privacy totally vanished?

If you give an owl a library card . . . .

Imagine the listings for your favorite fictional, magical homes. Here are five witchy real estate listings.

Just 10 percent of visually impaired people actually learn braille. Dot allows users to read ebooks without throwing down thousands of dollars for a portable braille reader. The watch should hit the market for less than $300, with pre-orders staring this year.

This week in maps: how the United States generates its electricity. And we learned people love road trips. Some like ‘em more than others. And some like them perhaps a little bit too much. Lastly, when you’re hanging out at the beach and you gaze off into the horizon, do you know what is across the ocean from you?

Don’t want to buy a Cecil the Lion tribute Beanie Baby? How about a gold-plated phone with Cecil the Lion engraved on the back?  It will raise money for a conservation charity in Zimbabwe. It seems tributes are everywhere. 14687370670_91a0b8ddf5_q

Did you just upgrade to Windows 10? Want to take full advantage of every option it has to offer? Try GodMode.

This week at work: are you making healthy choices at the office? Where is the line between working overtime because you love what you do or because you are addicted to work? Also, are office air conditioning standards sexist?  Lastly, Netflix made a game-changing announcement.

Mother Nature isn’t trying to kill you exactly, but maybe harm or seriously injure, at least in Michigan.

It’s nice and safe here in the library.  Not so much if you are a scientist out in the field.

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