What We’re Reading: August 31-Sept 4

Snoring, ch-ch-ch-changes, REALTOR® Building, smart cars, Nutella, Tiny Houses, the past, the future, design, inventories, biometrics, and wizards.

Snoring rooms sound like a fancy re-branding of the guest room, but hey, it’s now a trend in the UK. Some designers would say staying away from trends in home design is a better choice.

Last week Instagram announced it would allow rectangular photos and landscape orientation in addition to its classic square format. Sounds well and good until your feed is ruined by the different formats. Keep it visually pleasing. Something is different about Google, too.8553993019_9fc6933b7e_qmcdordor2001/flickr/2013

The Silver Skyscraper was the name of the building that preceded the REALTOR® Building and it was only 25 feet deep! Built in 1929, it was replaced by the REALTOR® Building in 1963.

Cars are more computer than machine these days. No, computers are machines…whatever. How many of your car’s smart features do you use?

Some people love Nutella way too much, so a German designer has created a Nutella lock.  Which snack would you lock?

The Tiny House trend — touted as a way to save money, but who among you could really go through with it? 8419779961_e07657cb50_m Tammy Strobel/flickr/2012

Of course, if you need more room, and demand a unique design with a prehistoric flare, this home just hit the market.

Are you ready to live in a world where you don’t have to wrangle 50 different passwords? Here is your weekly reminder that we live in the future. Also in future news: will the next generation buy their homes online?

Some flags are appropriate to fly, some flags need to be changed due to geopolitical shifts, some flags represent pride, but most flags are actually horrible, from a design perspective.

Toronto and Vancouver house hunters know what happens when a housing inventory shrinks and prices skyrocket — do you?

In a (sadly) fictional world, Harry Potter’s son started Hogwarts this week. Can you guess which house he was sorted into?


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