What We’re Reading: December 14-18

Spreading holiday cheer, Star Wars (3 spoiler-free and 1 SPOILER WARNING), oranges, decorations, crowd sourcing, Millennials, amenities, drones, emoji use, and life imitating art.

You’re no longer the worst sounding caroler, and you weren’t the first to send out an awkward holiday greeting card!

Whoever is putting out these bootleg toys definitely turned to the Dark Side.

For those among us that are soccer fans as well as Star Wars fans, this quiz you will enjoy.

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.” Someone better tell Han Solo that people are legitimizing that “hokey religion.”

If you want to compare reviews for all the Star Wars installments, look no further (but beware of SPOILERS — the newest review is at the end)!

Peeling oranges: we wouldn’t say you’ve been doing it wrong, but you could’ve been doing it this way.

Tacky or festive? You tell us15910633977_98505b4a55_m My Photo Journeys/flickr/2014

NYPL has a new project to crowdsource transcription of 19th and early 20th century real estate records.

Will more millennial weddings lead to more millennial homebuying? One portfolio manager thinks so.

Doorman, pool, fitness center, bike storage…ski slope? Which condo amenities are important to you?

Have a drone? Aware of the newest regulations including registration requirements? After you register, fly to your heart’s content with a long-life hydrogen fuel cell!

Use your words. Emoji have a time and place for use, but passwords aren’t one of them.

Perri-air is real, President Skroob! This stuff is canned in Canada, though, not Druidia.


What We’re Reading will take a break next week. It will return the week of December 28-January 1.





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