What We’re Reading: December 7-11

Pantone, phones, gift giving, Star Wars, smart toys, urban wildlife, Secret Santa, Japanese chocolate, light display, and Serial!

Cerulean, aqua sky, sand dollar, and honeysuckle. What do these colors have in common?

How often do you check your phone? Do you feel like you’re missing an arm if you leave your phone at home? Obsess much? Anyway, here’s a tip to make your iPhone perform faster. And find tips here for the best way to browse the web on your phone.20768870169_c7c0423e51_m Ken Walton/flickr/2015

Have a reader on your gift list this holiday season? Find inspiration from Amazon’s best-seller list.

Speaking of gifts, how do you approach choosing closing gifts? These agents have some extravagant ideas!

Do you employ finesse or Force when assembling a faux tree? Need a place to stay for the holidays, far, far away? Too much? This might help you avoid Star Wars burnout.

How smart should our children’s toys be?

Really? Chicago has airport sheep? This discusses what cities can do to make the urban landscape healthier. While we’re on the subject of green, Google’s Project Sunroof has expanded to seven more states — are you in one of them? 16160625930_72f73e668b_m stanze/flickr/2015

Think playing Santa at the mall is a cushy gig? Read about the behind-the-scenes secrets of the jolly Head Elf.

Sliced chocolate because reasons.

We think this makes a few strings of lights on the porch look a bit lame.

#MailChimp! Serial is back! The podcast phenomenon has returned with a new subject!

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