What We’re Reading: Feb 7-Feb 13

Drawing of a penguin by K. Stockert

Drawing of a penguin

Online Privacy, Fitness in 1964, and Penguins in Sweaters

Technology exists in our lives in many forms. It offers convenience, entertainment, and often a sense of security. However, for every convenience technology offers, there is a trade off. This trade off often entails giving up some of your privacy and anonymity. The Guardian reports on these trade-offs. On the topic of online privacy: do you enjoy online quizzes? Be wary: data providers use these quizzes to amass information unique to you, which is then sold to online marketers.

What happens to your Facebook page after you pass on? Previously Facebook froze your account and left it as a memorial. Now the company is rolling out a feature allowing you to designate a ‘legacy contact’ who can have limited access to your page. Legacies can write a post to display at the top of the memorialized profile page, change your profile picture, and even respond to new friend requests. If they’re granted prior permission, legacy contacts can also download an archive of your posts and photos, but not the contents of private messages. All this is optional. If you don’t set up a legacy, Facebook will simply freeze your account as before.

Since we oversee the NAR Library & Archives, we appreciate historical documents. Check out this article from Time Magazine 1964, on how to get fit while sitting in a chair: perhaps this inspired Sit and Be Fit? While we’re on the topic of fitness, New York Times reporter Molly Wood scrutinizes fitness apps to find the best options (of course, apps are yet another way companies collect personal data about you. Technology!).

Sriracha ketchup anyone?  Now Heinz is bringing out a Sriracha version.  There’s Sriracha flavored beer, vodka, potato chips, chocolate bars, so now you can top your French fries, hotdogs, hamburgers and anything else with a yummy Sriracha taste.

To end this week on a happy note: who can resist penguins in sweaters? (Note: those in the image are toys, but a Google image search of penguins in sweaters returns the real deal).

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