What We’re Reading: February 1-5

Groundhog Day, snowboarding, wine pairings, the future, Apple rumors, selfie risks, etiquette, Super Bowl 50, and Bacon numbers.

Why we rely on large rodents to predict the weather aside, there’s good news out of Punxsutawney7087048923_14d5b0447c_m Doug Kerr/flickr/2012

A talented one year old is sure to make use of the remaining winter!

Assuming you haven’t already eaten all the Girl Scout Cookies you bought this year, take a look at this cookie and wine pairing guide!

This would improve our morning routines. It’d certainly be less difficult than fumbling an over-sized smartphone with one hand to get the weather forecast while brushing our teeth with the other hand.

If the rumors are true, maybe we won’t need that mirror. It looks like Apple might release a new, smaller phone.

If you insist on taking a selfie, large phone or small, please be aware of your surroundings. We don’t like to read about selfie-related tragedies.

Enough cannot be said for proper email etiquette, especially in professional matters. Take a look at these 15 rules of etiquette to follow. While we’re at it, good manners might make you wealthier, so take note.

Is the fact that this is the 50th Super Bowl driving prices higher than normal? We’re not as interested in attending as we are in the food at our parties (molten cheese, please) and grading the commercials2483791713_a13b85e29e_m Peyri Herrera/flickr/2008

The only remaining recording of the 1st Super Bowl is in the hands of a man in NC, and we may never see it.

We assume you’ve heard of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, and you might know Google has a “bacon number” easter egg, but have you heard that Facebook says you’re only 3.57 degrees from Kevin Bacon?

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