What We’re Reading: February 22-26

Smart homes, work cats, architecture, GPS, Facebook, wizard IT, well-being, 3-D printing, Waze, mug cake, persons of interest, coffee, PA systems, desk set, and pennies.

Barbie® has a smart home and a hoverboard now — what’s holding you back?

For those times (always!) when your cat just won’t let you use your own workspace.


Douglas Woods/flickr/2007

Chinese architects have designed some incredible structures, but the state will reign them in going forward.

Facebook has rolled out it’s enhanced Like feature, which provides labeled emoji. Now we realize we’ve misinterpreted some emoji for years.

This diary imagines a muggle IT guy starting a job at Hogwarts. It is everything.

Naples, FL ranks as the highest community for well-being and access to care. Where does your community rank?

3-D printed buildings? Have they seen how long it takes to 3-D print a pencil cup? A 3-D printer will be sent to the International Space Station next month. At least no one can hear you scream (out of frustration) in space.

Let Morgan Freeman tell you when to make your next turn.

Chocolate cake in less than 5 minutes? Yes, please.

Want to seem more interesting to others? Here are some tips.

Coffee pods have made access to a fresh, single serving of coffee so easy, but at what cost?

Don’t tease us. This would be a game changer for the urban commuter.

We don’t know if we agree that a clean and clear desk means a lack of commitment, but have fun reading into your coworkers’ personalities with this article.

A penny saved is a penny earned. Or repurpose the small currency in surprising ways. 8213370111_c02fd472f1_m slgckgc/flickr/2012

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