What We’re Reading: February 29 – March 4

Closing docs, hunchback, unique collections, March Madness, financial fitness, luxury real estate, smh, junk mail, nature, automation, surnames, fitness tracker addiction, and slides.

Have you had problems getting closing documents in advance from lenders? You’re not alone!

We are not sure which is more disconcerting, the various robots running this hotel, or the hat and wig on the velociraptor… Tomi Lattu 2014  Tomi Lattu/flickr/2014

How much attention do you pay to your posture at work? Correct bad posture with these moves before it’s a problem!

Sure, you know people who collect action figures, baseball cards, and PEZ dispensers, but know anyone who collects these? Whatever the collection, hopefully it doesn’t overtake the house.

This is the year to get it right on your NCAA tournament bracket! Or at least it is if you work for Warren Buffet. Failing that, you might look into more affordable housing.

Which future would you prefer: wealth or the appearance of wealth? Social media may have an impact on how you wind up.

What do you do when a luxury property is too luxurious for the market?

Facepalm. Even if it is only an art project. Look at this pic or this video afterward. It will make you feel better. AJ Cann 2011 AJ Cann/flickr/2011

Before spam, there was junk mail, but how far back does junk mail date? Longer than you might think.

A “super bloom” of flowers…in Death Valley? This doesn’t happen often!

If  you are a Mac user, you might have a lot of automatically downloaded content that you have no use for. Here are tips on freeing up some hard drive space.

Ok, this is really cool. Find out the origin, meaning, and prevalence of your last name.

Why even take steps if you don’t get credit for them?

The more you fidget in this chair, the more gadgets it can charge.

Nope. Just nope.


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