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A picture of Lottery Tickets by Flickr user Trilok Rangan

3D-Printed Buildings, Worst Passwords and The Winning Number

As you know, 3-D printers can make most anything—clothing, prosthetics, food, musical instruments and more. Chinese building company WinSun takes prefab and 3-D printing to a new level with their 3D-printed apartment building. The large pieces manufactured by the 3-D printer are assembled on site with steel and insulation to comply with building regulations.  The printer uses recycled material to cut back on construction waste and save on labor and production costs.

Though not as exciting as 3D-printing, Internet security is muy importante. Engadget shares the  worst-password list: are any of yours on the list? While on this topic, check out our new Internet Security Best Practices Guide to make sure you’re “in the know.”

For the bibliophiles: we share CBS Chicago’s best book club picks for winter reading. If you find the New York Times’ best sellers list too hackneyed, check out The Morning News’ Tournament of Books, which narrows down book picks March-Madness-bracket-style. For the logophiles: 22 words you’re probably pronouncing incorrectly.

This week brought joy to a Michigan pizza delivery driver. The order was for one pizza to be delivered to the Ann Arbor Sheraton Hotel.  The tip? A generous $2000.00 from a group of REALTORS® at a conference.  They also presented the delivery man with a Visa gift card and lottery tickets.  Why?  “Stacey McVey, team leader of Keller Williams Greater Cleveland West, said that at the company’s annual conference, all the agents agreed to pitch in to show someone from the service industry their appreciation.”

Lottery participants in New Hampshire will find tickets even more enticing than e’er before (except for the vegetarians). Somehow this only seems to further establish John Oliver’s contention with state lotteries.

We are reminded of party etiquette dos-and-don’ts on account of a UK family receiving a bill for a missed party. For those hosting afternoon and evening parties: you can now serve coffee to your guests without keeping them up all night. Speaking of coffee drinking: take a break from your coffee, iPhone and paperwork to look at this.  The Earth is beautiful, spectacular and amazing.

The week wouldn’t be complete without at least one post on pets: what does your pet say about your personality? Find out here.

And, with the Super Bowl upon us, we couldn’t close without a football-related story. Regardless of the team you will (or won’t) be rooting for, this article on Pete Carroll’s coaching style offers some grains of wisdom for anyone coaching a team: focus on doing your best and cultivating each team member’s best.

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