What We’re Reading: Jan 24-30

Stop exclaiming!! (unless on Facebook), drink more coffee, have more bacon

Writing for the web can be difficult, but when it comes to blogs and emails, drop the exclamation mark. It makes you look unprofessional and slightly manic. Unless you’re trying to increase your reach on Facebook. FB seems to like ‘em, the more the better.

In the dark of winter, most people don’t give too much thought to the harmful effects of the sun on skin. But researchers do. Researchers in a new paper released this month say that coffee can protect against melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

This weekend is Super Bowl 49 (or XLIX for the purists). Want to up your street cred before the big game? Here are 49 fun Super Bowl facts to add to your arsenal to impress your friends around the nacho platter.

Ever feel like the cable company or your phone service provider is charging too much? Ever feel helpless to do much about it? You’re not crazy. They have the professional script that they’ve honed to a fine point to separate you from your money. Leave it to an FBI hostage negotiator to give you some counterpoints to get them off-script and to save you money.

Oil is not the only commodity retreating from high prices – bacon is also becoming more affordable with prices expected to continue to fall.

A yeti has been sighted in Boston during the big snowstorm.  I didn’t realize yetis were found in America too.  I thought they only existed in Nepal and Tibet.

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