What We’re Reading: January 11-15

Big Brother, IE, good vibrations, squirrels, Apple, ritual, Powerball, green roofs, shells, social media, and Netflix.

How would you react if you showed up to work and found motion sensors attached to your desk?

Use Internet Explorer as your browser? Make sure you upgrade!

Here’s an explanation to the sensation your phone has vibrated, only to find it hasn’t.

Apparently, squirrels are a bigger threat to the grid than rogue hackers. 15571693270_9c5b3555b6_m Moyan Brenn/flickr/2014

Apple is finally granting our request for a display that is easier on the eyes at night!

A pot IPO? Yes, this medical marijuana dispensary has gone public!

Not the morning person you wish to be? Follow these 7 steps to have a better morning and day!

Did you win the Powerball drawing this week? Take precaution before you announce your news8227653273_012e09fd59_m Upapa4me/flickr/2012

Chicago, like many cities now, has extensive green rooftops. Brad Temkin, a photographer, made them the subject of his latest project.

Some shell corporations could feel a pinch soon. The FBI will crack down on big ticket all-cash transactions in selected cities in the US.

So now we have to adopt Snapchat? Ugh. How soon until Peach is forced upon us? And get off our lawn! *Shakes fist

Did you know you can configure Netflix to show more categories?


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