What We’re Reading: January 18-22

Doppelgängers, tiny houses, passwords, play, severe cold, cool tools, Powerball, environmentalism, Zika virus, and snow.

Wow, this is uncanny. And now you can find your dog doppelgänger.

Leave it to Seattle to build a village of tiny homes to relieve a portion of the city’s homeless population. 8367819239_5e698eb014_m Tammy Strobel/flickr/2012

1-2-3-4-5…that’s the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!” The annual list of the year’s worst passwords has been released.

Priorities change between generations all the time. This time it finds Millennials looking for dedicated indoor play space for the next generation.

Winter is in full effect in the midwest producing frigid temperatures. Some Minnesotans are having fun with the weather.

Shut up and take our money.

The recent Powerball Jackpot excitement raised a lot of questions about how to handle windfalls of cash. Put it in real estate, of course!

This dog is doing her part for the environment. Are you? If you are, the government might reimburse you in some way. Take inspiration from this incredibly energy-efficient home in the UK!

There is a new mosquito-borne illness that has caused thousands of cases of microcephaly in Brazilian infants. New cases are popping up elsewhere, too.

Snow squeak is as bad as fingernails on a chalkboard! Here’s why snow squeaks when you walk on it. BTW, is it supposed to snow this weekend?

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