What We’re Reading: January 4-8

Chemistry, game changer, coffee, sales strategies, art, New Year’s resolutions, hoodies, Uber, travel, tiny living, Twitter, diet guidelines, and Millennials.

Great news! There are now FOUR more elements to memorize!

OKScience Activism/flickr/2015

This is more proof that we live in the future. We are excited to see which cities follow suit.

We gave up coffee once. It didn’t take. Here’s an account of a month without the glorious brew.

Real estate agents will use just about any tactic to sell a home — and why not, if it works?

New Year’s Eve photo or Renaissance masterpiece? You decide.

New Year? New (office) you! 23818125830_4ed7bf0dd9_m iluvgadgets/flickr/2016

Shut up and take our money!

Now this is what we call “transferable skills.” Real estate agents know their areas like the back of their hand!

Everything you need to know about the 2016 travel changes.

The Tiny House movement hasn’t gone to the dogs, it was just taken to a new level.

Twitter is considering a 10,000 character limit for tweets — quite a jump from the current 140 limit!

Don’t let them eat cake! The new US Diet Guidelines have been published. Don’t be shocked, but people aren’t happy about them! “Big red meat and big soda” influence! Environmentally unsound!

Millennials might want to buy real estate, but what can they really afford?

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