What We’re Reading: July 11-15

Pokemon, co-working, outdoors, amenities, Netflix, street view, lawns, Brexit, allergies, phones, and emoji.

Pokemon has taken over the internet. Some people have gotta catch ‘em all, and since augmented reality is a reality, it’s up to the rest of us not to run them over when they wander into the streets. Players are advised to take precautions. It’s impacting real estate, too. Who wouldn’t show up to an open house if a PIKACHU is thereMatthew Hadley 2009 Matthew Hadley/flickr/2009

Humans have an innate need to socialize, but do co-working spaces satisfy that need?

We dream of private rooftop decks in Chicago, and it looks like we aren’t alone in our desire for great outdoor spaces!

What is on your dream real estate checklist? Does it include shared farmland? Or perhaps a unique design?

Sharing your Netflix password with someone? Be careful…

What do you do when the Google maps team takes their time getting to your island? You get creative.

Kids charged with lawn mowing duty, rejoice!

There was a big shake up at 10 Downing Street this week, but there will be some stability.

Could a common food additive be causing your food allergies?

Why keeping a landline might be a good call.

Have you ever noticed the gender assignment of emoji? Changes are coming.



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