What We’re Reading: July 13-17

Addiction, unusual homes, longevity, #PrimeDay, tidying, Flash fails, home evolution, and Millennial trends!

Addicted to your smartphone? You’re not alone. Companies are coming up with ways to relieve your addiction.

Could you live on the side of a cliff? Or do you think you could live in one of these unusual homes?

The average business does not have the longest lifespan, but these companies have been around for hundreds of years or more!liberty bellTony Fischer/2008/flickr

Amazon raised expectations with #PrimeDay — and then disappointed everyone. Hilarity ensued. Still, Amazon wasn’t always the Goliath it is now — here’s an interesting piece on the company’s humble beginnings.

You’ve probably heard someone mention The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by now. Here is an easily digestible summary of the practice.

Flash is a pain, but it’s gotten worse. This is what it’s come to.

Homes today have more bathrooms and bedrooms than their predecessors 20 years ago — see what else has changed in newly constructed homes!

Millennials are moving to new places made just for them, by them.

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