What We’re Reading: July 18-22

Diet, virtual commute, marketing incentive, gaming, amenities, repurposed spaces, history, digital migration, climate change, and a lost colony.

Healthier eating is on our minds during the summer. Here are some small things we can do to eat smarterOlearys 2012 Olearys/flickr/2012

Thanks to flexible policies and living in the future, some tech employees find themselves living far outside of the expensive Silicon Valley.

Want a pair of every Air Jordans ever made? Buy this house.

Pokemon Go has certainly gotten people out of their houses.

Landlords have been offering upgraded amenities to justify higher rents for many years, but now more are creating extensive outdoor spaces to lure tenants.

One cultural loss is another’s cultural gain.

Everything old is new again.

Prior to child labor laws (and texting), kids did the hard work of delivering messages via bikeGideon Tsang 2011 Gideon Tsang/flickr/2011

If you haven’t already migrated from VHS, now is the time to do it!

Sure, this terrain in Siberia looks like a lot of fun, but the reason for its appearance is no fun at all.

Is it possible that the fabled lost colony of Roanoke has been found?


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