What We’re Reading: July 20-24

Icons, Earth, listings, card catalogs, gaudiness, sharks, video games, kale, HR changes, Minions, and shape-shifting homes!

A radio icon is stepping down after four decades. It can only be assumed that Garrison Keillor’s retirement will be spent “where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.”keillorTechnoHippyBiker/2009/flickr

A view of the earth from a million miles away.  Breathtaking!

Since Zillow acquired Trulia, traffic has slowed down. What does this mean for Zillow?

What to do with old card catalog cabinets now that many library catalogs are online? Re-purpose, of course!

“It’s what Marie Antoinette would have done, if she had money.” Joan Rivers’ penthouse is on the market.

So, it seems like this is actually relevant advice these days.

Think kale is good for you? Maybe, maybe not.

How good are you at video games? Good enough to get a free education out of it?

No more annual employee reviews? Maybe other companies will take notice and follow Accenture’s lead.

Just when you think you’ve entered a Minion-free zone, they pop up again! Now Minions are being used to teach lessons on holding professional conferences.

From expanding apartments that maximize tiny footprints to robotic homes that double in size, read on for six unique dwellings that can change shape, size and function at a moment’s notice.

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