What We’re Reading: July 27-31

Land prices and uses of space, drawbacks of living in the future, international buyers, diverse hiring, negotiation, and more!

Impressive use of animated maps, but very depressing content on the increase in land prices over the last forty years. Speaking of land, this isn’t humanity’s quest to terraform an exoplanet. It’s New York’s plan to build a park above a train yard. Toying with the idea of tiny house living? Read these five accounts where the only room in the experience was for improvement. And this is a cool idea!  If only I had the space and lots of money…


Adam Thomas/flickr/2012

Living in the future has its drawbacks. A major flaw in Android software allows hackers to break into your phone with just a text message. Your e-mail font is ruining your life. Maybe it’s time for e-mail clients to change the default settings.Think again before publicly urinating in San Francisco — its walls might bounce it back at you! Public Service Announcement: Stop texting while walking! Actually, stop texting while transporting yourself anywhere. Thank you for your attention.

Around the nation, the Texas housing market is experiencing a large influx of Chinese buyers. The California drought is having an impact on community planning. Diversity in the NFL? The Arizona Cardinals have taken the first step.

Need to improve your negotiation skills? Here are the best negotiation books of 2015.

Let your geek flag fly, and you’ll find your niche. This man‘s love for numbers and knack for real estate translated into his widely acclaimed success.

Did you think Millennials would move out of their parents’ houses once the job market improved? Wrong.


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