What We’re Reading: June 1-5

Interesting reference questions from the New York Public Library, Talking Barbie coming this Fall, Legal marijuana is having an impact on the Denver housing market, Worlds tallest wooden structure

LibraryLibrarians love questions and finding answers.  The New York Public Library just unearthed some interesting reference questions, asked before Google was even a gleam in Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s eyes.  Here are a few questions.  Please give me the name of a book that dramatises bedbugs?  How much did Napoleon’s brain weigh?  See more questions at #letmelibrarianthatforyou.

Is the new Barbie too creepy? Little girls have always talked to their Barbies, but one coming this fall will actually listen and talk back.

Remember all those times you spoke to your smartphone, said “OK Google…” and asked a question? Or tapped the microphone to dictate a text message? Chances are, Google kept every audio recording. And you can play them back to yourself.

Legal marijuana is having an impact on the Denver housing market, according to CNN. People moving to Denver to work in the pot business need to buy homes, along with users of medical marijuana who have moved to Denver for health issues. “There are a lot of first-time buyers,” said Toby Waters, a real estate agent with Vision Denver Homes. “The rental market is insane, you can save money by buying a house.”

What do the homeless need? A city of geodesic domes, apparently.

At first glance, the warm, luminous development proposed for a Paris site doesn’t look much different than any other mixed-use project rising in other cities. But this village of high-rises is unique in that it would be made completely from wood—even the 35-story tower at the center.

Fancy living in a house that spins?  There is one for sale in New York for a bargain price of $975,000.   The rotation of the house allows the homeowners to take advantage of the daily and hourly weather and light, and you get the freedom to live in a round open space, instead of boxy rooms.

If you don’t want to be reliant on (or still don’t really like using) a trackpad, and tire of dragging a full-sized mouse around, then the Odin, a laser-projected mouse, might be worth a look.

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