What We’re Reading: June 13-17

Orlando, Apple, stress, risk, memory, energy, net neutrality, Twitter, Tiny Houses, trifecta, and technology.

Cities show their solidarity with Orlando and the victims of the shooting at Pulse nightclub by lighting up their buildings.

What does the newest Apple software update mean for your gadgets? Sorry to tell you that some of them may become obsolete! iMessage is about to get fancy, though.

How do you de-stress? If given the choice, we’d pick puppies, but we will settle for moving! Bernard Goldbach 2011 Bernard Goldbach/flickr/2011

CoreLogic released its 2016 Storm Surge Report revealing more than 6.8 million homes are at risk of damage this year alone. Find out which states will take the brunt of it.

For those of us who can’t remember why we entered a room, these tricks might improve our memories.

We are only 11 years away from wind and solar power being cheaper than coal and gas, according to a new report.

Keeping the little guy in the game…a win for Net Neutrality!

Narcissists will now enjoy Twitter even more now that users can retweet their own tweets!

When it comes to the Tiny House Movement, it seems that zoning and housing laws are the biggest hurdle — just ask these college students. So much for our plan to move to this town and build a yurt.

If a good job, affordability, and quality of life are things that matter to you, your options appear to be limited.

If using 13th century building techniques matters to you, your options are limited, but surprisingly exist.






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