What We’re Reading: June 15-19

On this day in history: Civil Rights Bill Passed, Father’s Day fun, Stanley Cup excitement, incredible home improvements, cat videos, password hacking, Facebook crowdsourcing, and living in the future!

On June 19, 1964 the US Senate passed the Civil Rights Bill. Here is the coverage by the New York Times on that day.

It is a little to late to send one of these, but don’t forget this Sunday is Father’s Day!


3 wins in 6 years! “Dynasty“is the word you are looking for!

What’s on your home improvement dream list? Hidden staircase? Secret passages? Pneumatic tube system?

Still on LOLcat? You’re really doing your boss a favor by watching those cat videos at work…

What precautions do you take with your passwords?

Getting a building approved by the public is tough—a few strong voices in the neighborhood could easily bring down the entire process. This might be the first one designed by a Facebook poll.

Nest’s smart Learning Thermostat, received an upgrade. The upgrade will push to existing units in about two weeks. We live in the future.

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