What We’re Reading: June 20-24

Distracted or Tired at work?, drone legislation, IKEA museum, Instagram and public libraries.

Distracted at work? The open-plan office setup might be part of the problem. Tired at work? Chances are, you’re probably taking a break on Facebook.




Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier/flickr/2006

When it comes to what dads want in a home, the answer seems clear: their own space.

This house costs just $20,000, but, it’s probably nicer than yours.

The Napster name is coming back from the grave. Rhapsody is changing its name to Napster after purchasing the remains of Napster in 2011.

Gum is meant to be chewed, but sometimes accidents happen.

After years of struggling to write rules to protect public safety it looks like the Obama administration is on the verge of approving routine commercial use of small drones.

IKEA, the Swedish flatpack goliath has launched a permanent exhibition celebrating its history. What does it say about the evolution of our homes?

Ahhh, the majesty of America’s public libraries. Photographs of nearly 700 libraries across 48 states show that we have more in common than not.

Instagram now has half a billion users. How did the photo-sharing app outpace Twitter and keep us so addicted?

Does Mark Zuckerberg know something about online spying operations that we don’t?

A creative way to produce photographs without using a camera.

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