What We’re Reading: June 27-July 1

Savings, soccer, upgrades, fireworks, pigment, goats, famous houses, Seattle, lunch breaks, slides, and AOL.

You’re probably not thinking about buying next year’s winter coat right now, but maybe you should.

Euro 2016 results have gone off-script, and when Iceland beat England, people lost their minds!

Those of you who have felt bullied by your computer’s upgrade messages might enjoy this story. Microsoft will make it easier to decline updates going forward.

With the Fourth of July approaching, we would like to take this opportunity to remind people to be safe when setting off fireworks, and to read about the carnage of celebrations only 100 years agoAndreaYori 2008 Andrea Yori/flickr/2008

This new pigment is so much more than meets the eye!

Who could object to this particular pageant?

Don’t forget we’re having dinner with the Rizchecks. The Sixteen Candles house is up for sale!

Seattle is known for the Space Needle, but now Amazon is adding new features to the city.

This photo series inspires us to step away from our desks to eat lunch.

Nope. Hard pass.

You’ve got mail! We know you heard that statement in a specific voice — it’s time to put a name and face to itmonkerino hill 2006 monkerino hill/flickr/2006

This is too good not to share, and you’ll never look at this classic children’s book the same way again!

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