What We’re Reading: June 6-10

Libraries, finance, icons, piracy, nature, architecture, Silly String, public speaking, Harry Potter, flight, robots, and the internet.

What do libraries offer when books are no longer on the shelves? Will this be the future?

Denmark turns normal financial models on their heads.

Remember when the Beatles met the GOAT?

Piracy really can happen to anyone — even the Zuck.

OMG! Double rainbow! It’s beautiful. Double rainbow OG for reference. Ales Kladnik 2014 Ales Kladnik/flickr/2014

Many ideas have been proposed to repurpose the gaping hole left by the uncompleted Spire, but none have come to fruition. Here is the latest suggestion.

Speaking of repurposing, there is nothing silly about this Silly String use.

Are you one of the many, many individuals with a fear of public speaking? Try one of these tips the next time you need to speak in front of a group.

#KeepTheSecrets — we beg of you.

Think of all the things you can do with the money you’ll save this summer! Maybe you’ll want to put that extra savings toward Janis Joplin’s childhood home.

Pardon the pun, but is this a flight of fancy, or a legitimate future? Not to be outdone, the founder of Tesla has his own flight project in the works.

Perhaps the future of robotics lies in the past — we think it’s clear where the BBC took inspiration for Doctor Who’s cybermen.

What is in the future for the internet? Can it be reinvented?

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