What We’re Reading: March 14-18

March Madness, NFL, Daylight Savings, USB chargers, ninjas, burrito app, art, books, sleep pods, and eaglets!

Sure, it may suck some of the fun out of the process or be considered cheating, but if you use a bracket prediction tool before your coworkers, you could stand to win big! Need a guide to watching the tournament?

NFL officials have finally admitted a link between CTE and football. We wonder what will change going forward.

We are sure everyone could use tips on taking better naps after Daylight Savings Time began this week. Today also happens to be World Sleep Day, which is something we can get on board with. b o w n o s e 2011 b o w n o s e/flickr/2011

Here‘s an easy way to bring your electrical outlets into the 21st century!

Are you physically fit, acrobatic (able to perform back handsprings), over 18 and interested in the history of Japan and its warlords? This might be the job for you!

Sometimes you need the closest burrito, but how do you find it? There’s an app for that, of course.

Check out these beautiful ceilings from around the world.

Have you jumped on the eBook bandwagon and find that you miss the smell of an old book? We’ve got you coveredaimee rivers 2012 aimee rivers/flickr/2012

Have you ever been stuck at an airport, exhausted and in need of privacy?

After reading about so many eagles being killed recently, this is truly happy news! 

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