What We’re Reading: March 21-27

Sunbelt and suburbs ascendant

blog032715New census data is out. The cities with the highest levels of net domestic migration since 2010 are Houston, Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Denver, and San Antonio. In just the last year, Florida has been popular. The state now ranks 3rd in terms of overall population, surpassing New York. Americans are once again running for the sunbelt and the suburbs, away from the cold of the Northeast and Midwest.

The Wall Street Journal reports this week that Facebook  exploring the possibility of using solar-powered drones to help spread internet access to remote corners of the globe. Testing will begin this summer.

The new CEO of GAP stores is considering selling clothes via vending machines. Is this really the way to make your goods appealing? If you have any, I’d sell your company stock now…

Because you can: This is what happens when you drop an iPhone 6 in a lava lamp.

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