What We’re Reading: March 7-11

Cumberbunnies, email, language of listings, best practices, concierge service, on exhibit, renos, honorary Beatle, early spring, hearing damage, science, and Daylight Savings Time.

We aren’t sure these are necessary, and they are a bit cost prohibitive, however we kind of love that they exist.

The man who put the only preposition on your keyboard to good use has passed awaySteve Snodgrass 2011 Steve Snodgrass/flickr/2011

While amusing, we hope this is not the way listings are going.

Our password practices have been vindicated by the Federal Trade Commission’s chief technologist!

This is like something out of the first act of a Black Mirror episode.

Sorry, but without Colin Firth, this is just a puffy shirt.

We love tracking emerging home and interior trends — here are some ideas for the home that have us excited.

Sad news from the music industry: legendary music producer and the “fifth Beatle” has passed away.

It’s warm in Chicago! It’s warm in Chicago! We are all this giraffe!

Your music is too loud! And get off our lawn! *Shakes fist*

Go on, have a cookie with that glass of milk…because SCIENCE.

Until they start marking Daylight Savings Time by moving ahead an hour at 4pm on a Friday, here are some tips to help smooth the transition.


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