What We’re Reading: March 7-13

Networking tips, Apple announcements, and the future of McDonalds

networking by flickr user jairoagua

networking by flickr user jairoagua

For some networking feels like a chore while others find it invigorating. Finding the right way to network depends on your comfort level and personality. Regardless of your preferences, Harvard Business Review writer Dorie Clark shares the basic dos and don’ts of networking.

This week Apple gave more details on its Apple Watch (cost and availability and some new apps) as well as introducing a long-awaited update to its Macbook laptop line. The new Macbook isn’t so much an upgrade though, rather an extension of the line. Super thin with a high-res Retina display, the laptop is garnering mostly favorable reviews. However that thinness comes at a cost of some ports – there’s only a single USB-C port  on the side – limiting its usefulness for some.

Apple’s watch might look great to you, but to others it’s a trigger for trypophobia, the fear of fear of objects that have an irregular pattern of holes. If beehives, lotus seed heads, loofahs, or coral give you the shudders you’ve got it.

McDonald’s new CEO is hoping to turn around the fortunes (and five years of declining same-store sales) of the fast food giant. Has America moved beyond the basic burger to more bespoke offerings? It’s a tough challenge and an interesting read.

Spring Break is has returned once again, bringing beer, wet t-shirt contests, and plenty of other things that I’m sure you don’t want to think about. Life looks back at a much simpler time, Spring Break 1947.

Thinking of a tropical vacation? It’s not ready for tourists yet, but a new island has been formed in the South Pacific after the eruption of an underwater volcano in Tonga.

Barbie turns 56 this year and Time looks back at her 1963 wardrobe choices.

And we were sad to hear that fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett passed away this week in the UK at the very young age of 66. “DON’T THINK OF IT AS DYING, said Death. JUST THINK OF IT AS LEAVING EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH.” RIP.

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