What We’re Reading: May 11-15

Real estate is finally using Big Data, How long is your attention span?, Is something holding you back from success?

goldfishReal estate is finally using Big Data, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Targeting empty-nesters, locating possible home sellers and tracking the ultrawealthy are a few innovative uses of Big Data in real estate.  Is it Big Data or Big Brother?

Does a goldfish have a longer attention span than you?  Probably, says Microsoft research.  Human attention spans last for 8 seconds and goldfish beat us at 9 seconds.  I’m sure my attention span is at least 60 seconds.

What’s the number one thing that holds most people back from success? It’s not intelligence or hard work. It’s your attitude!

Can Rupert Murdoch take an online fixer-upper and turn it into a digital real estate profit spinner? We’re about to find out.

Japanese research can predict if you will have a stroke.  If you can stand on one leg for 20 seconds, your brain is in good shape. If you can stand for less than 20 seconds, you may have cerebral small vessel disease, tiny hemorrhages, or both.

Take a USB stick and an alligator clip; use the two in tandem and turn (almost) anything into a keyboard or mouse button, even a jello mold!

Catchy songs are infectious, so you shouldn’t feel bad if you’ve spent the last six months muttering about being all about that bass. Researchers have found recently that if you chew gum it may help eliminate that earworm.

The Secret Service might be focused on how to design a better fence at the White House, but President Obama’s foundation team is focused on the design of a different building: His presidential library.

Hey, Corporate America. It appears that many Millennials — that tsunami of future workers — don’t really want to work for you. At least not the newest college graduates.

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