What We’re Reading: November 14-18

Technology, nature (bad), nature (good), inventory, toys, information, and Thanksgiving.

Some genius devised a new, and much improved, use of drone technology!

You might have heard something about the disappearance of bees over the past 10 years or so. Here are steps you can take to help the population. AJC1 2011 AJC1/flickr/2011

All those poor fish!

This is horrifying, but that poor rodent!

This encounter could have gone so very differently…

Dogs are much more than just man’s best friend.

If you are color blind, this new app can show you how others see the world.

In this area of California, housing hasn’t kept up with demand.

LEGO® has bestowed upon us the beautiful skyline of Chicago –shut up and take our money!

There are a lot of out of date articles and fake news floating around on the internet, which is why information literacy is so important.

Better bone up on your carving skills — Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

*We will be on hiatus next week due to Thanksgiving. See you again in December!*


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