What We’re Reading: November 2-6

Annotated web,  doppelgangers, grand homes, Twitter, Peanuts, Star Wars, global warming, emojis, travel, Ranch Dressing, Veteran’s Day, and good habits!

Wonder what T-Swift means by “haters gonna hate hate hate?” Rap Genius has the annotations to help you out. The story behind the site is a good one, and its founders have some lofty goals!

They say each of us has a doppelganger, but what are the chances you’ll meet yours like this?

Here’s a bargain for you: how does a lodge, a farm, a windmill and 20,000 feet of prime Lake Superior frontage sound? It will only cost you $40 million.

Twitter has changed how you favorite tweets – we heart it. 4341554771_3211be158d_m Penn Waggener/flickr/2010

The best thing about reboots is the retrospectives they inspire.

That’s no ornament. It’s a space station! One terminally ill Star Wars fan’s dying wish came true.

The majority of Americans can expect to suffer mental health problems as a result of global warming and warns that our mental health system is not equipped to handle it. Speaking of global warming, look at this map of first snowfalls across America, ye mighty, and despair.

Communicating via the written word can sometimes fail to communicate the nuances of human emotion. For those times, there are emoji—and now you can actually buy a dedicated hardware emoji keyboard to help.

In the Future, International Airline Travel Will Actually Be Fun Again. No, Really.

In case you really, really want to know about Ranch Dressing.  Now I’m hungry! 3704985018_9d0751fdbe_m Whitney/flickr/2009

We wish our dads had this information back when we were obligated to do chores.

Veteran’s Day is November 11 and a number of businesses are offering free products and services to those that have served.


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