What We’re Reading: November 9-13

Texting, networking, professional development, movies, architecture, cold and flu, and Friday the 13th!

Technology use is affecting our bodies in a number of ways — here‘s a suggestion to prevent neck pain and poor posture that comes from texting. 7387111804_aaf228e965_m Beth Scupham/flickr/2012

It’s time for REALTORS Conference & Expo! That means networking! A lot of networking. If networking is not your forte, take a look at this article from HBR for suggestions.

Professional development is on our minds this week! These are some leadership lessons from a 3-star general, so ATTENTION!

While we are on the subject of professional development, read about the 25 daily habits of successful CEOs.

New York and LA come to mind when you think of movies, but Chicago has been the backdrop to some greats!

We want to go to there. These apartment buildings and offices are so much better than the status quo!

Cold season is upon us. What can you do to keep a cold at bay5383120187_384a4c1d95_m Steven Yeargin/flickr/2011

It’s Friday the 13th — feeling lucky?

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