What We’re Reading: October 10-14

Literature, technology, security, builds, recreations, clowns, libraries, and procrastination.

How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a Nobel Laureate?

You’re never going to own Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now. Why do bad things happen to ostensibly good phones? Check out the packaging precautions for the safe return of these malfunctioning devices.

Interested in Google Assistant? Here are some commands you can use!

You might already use Facebook at your workplace, but now you can use Workplace By Facebook. What?

Tired of trying to remember all your passwords? Biometrics might replace them in the future.

Friendship bracelets were so much simpler when we were children, but we’re not knocking the learning outcomes on these. IMG_3846 Traci Lawson/flickr/2010

Want to build a home, but only spend as much as you would on a car? Try a Tiny House! This method must be less expensive than using traditional housing materials, too.

Is this a “build it and they will come” idea?

What is the world coming to? Legitimate clowns are laying low until this creepy clown drama cools off.

Let’s go back to a time when living in a library as a custodian was a possibility!

Speaking of cool library ideas, don’t you wish your town had one of these?

I read this list while procrastinating another task. Whoops.



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