What We’re Reading: October 12-16

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How altruistically would you have behaved if you found yourself in the position of owning Google.com?

If you live in Wrigleyville in Chicago, you just might find a baseball lying in a pool of glass shards on your floor.  When homers don’t quite make it out of the park, where do they go? You also might spot the golden Jake Arrieta making some Cubs fans very nervous, and not while standing on the mound. Even if you don’t normally root for the Cubs, don’t you want the narrative to continue?

7909049_a2c81709bc_m Erin English/flickr/2005

Legalizing marijuana in Colorado is impacting many facets of life in the state — housing included.

Maybe we’re showing our age, but isn’t it faster to type the words rather than browse a hundred emoji to find the right image to convey a message? Oh well. The powers that be are considering adding more emoji to sift through. Check them out.

This makes us forgive Uber for surge pricing: Uber drivers will cooperate with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to help find missing children.

Shut up and take our money.

Ever wonder how common your work experience is? This interactive chart shows you how many other people match your experience based on education, income, work hours, and commute.

The Internet of Things allows us to quantify and connect, but when does it get in the way of just enjoying the experience of life?

With marijuana legalized (to varying degrees) in almost half the county, companies need to start evaluating their drug policies.

Thank goodness caffeine isn’t against any of our office policies! Here are some great coffee deals this autumn.

According to the 2015 Rental Market Report, rental vacancies are down — good news for landlords, bad news for renters.

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