What We’re Reading: October 24-28

CUBS!, innovation, photography, physics, elections, mystery, Halloween, home buying, food, and amenities.

Did you hear who made it to the World Series this year? GO CUBS GO! (Forgive our department’s bias — we are headquartered in Chicago, after all)

Learn management lessons from Joe Maddon.

This seems harder than using stairs, but okay…

Virtual reality has so many real world applications, including real estate!

Google Earth is a cool tool, until there is a glitch, at which point it becomes terrifying!

For the record, we know that the wizarding world is fictional, but these photographs are magical.

So this is a thing now? We thought playing with your food was frowned upon.

Did you know we are about to have an election? Here are some tools to inform voters on procedures in their states. Iceland is facing an election, too. One that’s about to be taken by pirates.

Now that this mystery is solved, maybe we can get answers to what happened to Earhart, Hoffa, and left socks.

With all due respect to the editors of this list, we only agree with half of it. Once you have sorted the good candy from the bad, consult this list for wine pairingsThad Zajdowicz 2014 Thad Zajdowicz/flickr/2014

These articles are always interesting to us, we hope you enjoy them, too!

In case you’re not interested in a healthy start to your day, this now exists. No judgment! And in case you’re thinking of embarking on a new diet, see what science has to say about some of the most popular diet plans out there.

In a place like NYC, a driveway is the height of luxury.

Here are a few reasons to embrace the benefits that our future overlords provide us while we still can.


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